The starters said SEA-bats, LAD-Bulpen, PHI Power is ATL?

Seattle Mariners on starters, Los Angeles Dodgers on starters lineup, Philadelphia Phillies on relievers. And Atlanta Braves overall?

The official major league website recently selected and announced the top 10 starters, starting lineups, and relief staff on its official SNS, ahead of the opening game in the U.S. mainland.

According to this, Seattle was named the top of the starting lineup. Seattle has such an excellent starting lineup that it doesn’t need to recruit more starting pitchers.
In the starting lineup, the LA Dodgers, where Shohei Ohtani plays as the designated hitter, is said to be the best. Mookie Betts, Otani, and Freddie Freeman are expected to boast formidable power.

The Philadelphia Phillies have also been selected as the relief team category. The Philadelphia Phillies were evaluated as the best relief team even without recruiting top finishers such as Josh Hader and Edwin Diaz.

However, if you put it together, you can see that Atlanta has the best power. Atlanta was ranked second in both the starting lineup, the starting lineup, and the relief team.

Seattle was not included in the starting lineup and the relief team’s top 10, while the Los Angeles Dodgers also ranked fourth in the lineup and sixth in the relief team. Philadelphia also ranked third in the lineup and sixth in the lineup.

In view of this, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia are also asymmetric compared to Atlanta or a strong team that balances power. Seattle also has most of its power in its starters.

Atlanta will recruit Chris Sale to serve as a top starting pitcher until the fourth start. Spencer Strider-Max Fried-Sale-Charlie Morton will continue to throw.

In addition, the starting lineup, which was held by National League MVP Ronald Acuña Jr. last year, can have an advantage compared to any team.

There is no super-special finisher, but the relief team also has a solid strength enough to be evaluated as the second-largest overall in the Major League.

As a result, Atlanta is considered the strongest candidate to win the World Series among the 30 teams beyond the National League East this season.

Now, Atlanta will play its opening game of the 2024 season against Philadelphia, which suffered a loss in the postseason for two consecutive years on Tuesday. Attention is focusing on how Atlanta, the strongest team in the league, will perform.

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