The human mind is also governed by the law of inertia

The human mind is also governed by the law of inertia.

It’s comfortable to run in the same direction you’ve always run. If you suddenly change direction, we resist.

Even if it’s a necessary change of direction to get to the right destination. We feel uncomfortable and resistant.

You need to overcome and break through that group psychology. This is the role of a leader. Heo Koo-yeon, president of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), released his 2024 New Year’s speech.

Ilsung is fan-centered and fan-first. Maximizing changes solely for the fans is the core of the message.

Referring to the 8 million attendance milestone, Asian Games gold medal, and APBC runner-up finish, he said, “We have achieved meaningful results thanks to the support of our fans. The KBO League wants to start a new inning to reward our fans for their love,” he said of the changes.

Comparing baseball’s scoring formula to the three stages of a baseball game, 온라인카지노 he mentioned the direction of the KBO League’s changes in the new year.

Collect runners

As a foundation for a successful inning, he announced the introduction of the Automatic Ball-Strike System (ABS). “With ABS, all pitchers and batters are playing with the same strike zone calls. The KBO will make every effort to ensure that the great power of trust is shared on the field,” he said.

Regarding another major change, the pitch clock, he said, “We are carefully considering its implementation,” adding, “We will do our best to present fast-paced and exciting games to our fans.”

Send it to the outfield

Frogs in the well is not sustainable. Increasing international competitiveness is a natural goal.

After this season, the Premier12 will take place in November. It should be an opportunity to overcome the WBC nightmare.

“We will continue the ‘Team Korea’ level-up project in conjunction with the ‘KBO League,'” the KBO explained. It promised to “introduce a full-time managerial system, improve various game systems in line with international baseball, send prospects abroad and expand exchange games, and develop league-level leaders and expand the baseball base.”

Bringing it home

All of these changes are aimed at maximizing the interest and participation of fans as consumers of baseball.

In baseball terms, it’s like the ultimate goal: scoring runs.

“In order to respond quickly to the new media environment, we will implement new initiatives,” the KBO said, “such as building a production studio, strengthening our own original content production capabilities, and creating K-baseball content by producing English international signal feeds for live broadcasts.” We will also standardize KBO data, improve record management, and prepare for the opening of a ‘public’ baseball museum.”

The KBO promised, 에볼루션 바카라사이트 “All members of the KBO League will always put the fans first, and we will do our best to provide greater excitement, value, and happiness on the field.”

A year of change.

Can the KBO break through the resistance and take meaningful steps toward its fans?

With Heo’s second term underway, baseball is poised for a major turning point.

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