The 37th Home Run Was Also Two Hits, One-Man Show Cartoon Baseball

Otani started the first game of the 2023 Major League away game against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan on the 28th and won the shutout with one hit, three walks, and eight strikeouts in nine innings. 스포츠토토

He pitched perfectly until the fourth inning and pitched 111 pitches until the ninth inning, making his first shutout in the Major League Baseball. Otani had 13 complete games, including seven shutouts, when he was with the Nippon Ham Fighters in the Japanese professional baseball league. In Major League Baseball, he pitched his first complete pitch in 83 games and shut out.

Otani, who won his ninth game (5 losses) of the season with the Angels’ 6-0 victory, also lowered his ERA from 3.71 to 3.43. In July, he struggled with one win, two losses, and a 7.71 ERA, shaking with five runs in three consecutive games, but recovered with his best pitching since his Major League debut.

Otani, who retired lightly with nine balls from the first inning, showed off his power with 12 consecutive perfect batters until the fourth inning. He struck out six in the fourth inning. A powerful high fastball, a swifter bending outside the right-handed batter, and a falling splitter led to Detroit batters’ swinging. The command over the borderline also shone.

In the fifth inning, the perfect was broken by a heavy hit by leader Kerry Carpenter, but Matt Bearling was induced to ground a third base with a low cutter outside the second pitch. 5-4-3 double play. He then handled Javier Baez with a catcher pop fly and pitched efficiently with 56 pitches until the fifth inning. In the sixth inning, Jack Short allowed his first walk of the game after one out, but he led Eric Hase to a grounder to third base with a high cut on the second pitch. Another 5-4-3 double play.

Otani, who faced only three batters in six consecutive innings, faced the most four batters in the seventh inning. After two outs, he gave up a walk to Spencer Tolkesson, but struck out Carpenter on three pitches. The 81.5-mile (131.2 km) slow curve was used as the decisive ball. In the eighth inning, he walked the lead-off bearer on base, but continued his scoreless streak by handling the next three batters with two infield grounder and pop fly.

Otani, who took the mound in the ninth inning with 97 pitches, struck out Hase with a straight hit to second base, Jack McKinstri with a four-seam fastball, and Greene with a straight hit to center field to create a shutout with a total of 111 pitches. With a maximum of 99.5 miles (160.1 km) and an average of 97 miles (156.1 km) four-seam fastball (61), it used a variety of six pitches, including a sweeper (26), a cutter (11), a curve, a sinker (5 or more), and a splitter (3).

At bat as the second batter, Ohtani was silent with no hits and two strikeouts in five at-bats. Following two walks and no hits in three at-bats against Detroit on the previous day (27th), the season’s batting average fell from 299 to 296 (112 hits in 379 at-bats).

In his first at-bat in the first inning against Detroit right-hander Michael Lorenzen, he struck out a seven-ball full-count game. He was frozen by a 94.8-mile (152.6 kilometers) four-seam fastball over the borderline.

In his second at-bat in the third inning, he hit a four-seam fastball that came high from 94.7 miles (152.4 kilometers) in the first pitch, but was caught with a fly ball to center field. In the fifth inning, he pushed a four-seam fastball 93.9 miles (151.1km) into the second pitch and threw a fly ball out to left field. In the seventh inning, left-hander Jack Rogue struck out with one out and runners on second and third base. In the ball count 1-2, the bat turned in vain on the low curve outside the fourth pitch. His last at-bat in the ninth inning also pulled Rogue’s first curve but was caught with a grounder to second base.

However, in the second game of the doubleheader that followed 30 minutes later, Ohtani exploded a home run. In his second at-bat in the third inning, he pushed a 94.2 mile four-seam fastball that came low in the middle of Detroit right-hander Matt Manning’s seventh pitch and crossed the left fence. Ball speed 107.6 miles (151.6 km), distance 383 feet (116.7 m), and angle of launch 35 degrees. With his 37th home run of the season, he finished first in the league. It was a home run that widened the score to 5-0.

Thanks to Ohtani’s good pitching, the Angels also won 6-0. Tray Cavage, who made his team’s first run with a sacrifice fly in the second inning, played a three-run game with a two-run right-handed timely hit in the fourth inning. Taylor Ward also hit his 16th and 17th consecutive at-bats home runs of the season with a two-run home run in the sixth inning and a solo home run in the eighth inning, scoring three RBIs. Hunter Renfro also had three hits.

The Angels, who have won three consecutive games, are on a steep rise with seven wins and one loss in the last eight games. The Angels, ranked third in the American League (AL) West with 53 wins and 49 losses (a winning rate of .520), followed the Toronto Blue Jays (57 wins and 46 losses), ranked third in the wild card, a postseason cut line.

Angels Decide On ‘Not Selling Otani’ Ahead Of Trade Deadline. All-Star starter Lucas Giolito, who will give the Chicago White Sox two prospects to continue the postseason fight for the rest of the season, and experienced bullpen Reynaldo Lopez, who will become an FA at the end of this season. He is aiming for the postseason with Otani by reinforcing the mound with immediate recruitment of power.

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