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The number of nominations for the Best Eleven was a testament to the team’s season.

The Korea Professional Football Association (KPA) held its K League Individual Award Nomination Committee (the “Committee”) on Monday (Nov. 27) to select four quadruple nominees for the Best Manager, Most Valuable Player (MVP), Young Player, and Best Eleven categories for this season’s K League 1 and K League 2.

The Committee was composed of members of the Federation’s Technical Committee (TSG), reporters, commentators, and other experts who watched many games in the K League this season. Based on the list of nominees for each category submitted by each club, the committee considered record indicators and performances to complete the nomination process.

The Best Coach, Most Valuable Player (MVP), and Young Player awards will be presented to one goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers from the Best Eleven. The Best Eleven Defender and Midfielder categories will be awarded on a left, right, and center basis. Each team nominated a Best Eleven. The nominations reflected the teams’ performances and moods.

Looking at just the Final A teams, the champions, Ulsan Hyundai, had nine players on the list, with Cho Hyun-woo, Kim Ki-hee, Kim Young-kwon, Seol Young-woo, Rubik’s Cube, Kim Min-hyuk, Lee Cheong-yong, Uhm Won-sang, and Lee Min-kyu. The Pohang Steelers also had nine nominations for the Best Eleven: Hwang In-jae, Wandelsson, Grant, Park Seung-wook, Baek Sung-dong, Go Young-joon, Oberdan, Kim Seung-dae, and Zeca. Gwangju FC, the surprise favorite, has seven nominees (Kim Kyung-min, Lee Min-ki, Ahn Young-gyu, Timo, Doo Hyun-seok, Lee Soon-min, and Asani).

Jeonbuk Hyundai follows with four nominees (Kim Jin-soo, Park Jin-seop, Ahn Hyun-beom, Baek Seung-ho), Daegu FC (Hong Chul, Kim Jin-hyuk, Ko Jae-hyun, Edgar), and Incheon United (Jerso, Kim Do-hyuk, Hernandez) with three. Daejeon Hana Citizens, in Final B, nominated Lee Chang-geun, Kim In-gyun, and Thiago. Even though their team performance didn’t meet expectations, their individual performances and records were good enough to earn them three nominations.

Jeju United only had one nominee who was confirmed to stay. Only Yuri Jonatan, who led the front line, was on the list. The same was true for FC Seoul. Only Na Sang-ho, who led the Seoul offense with 12 goals, was on the list. Suwon FC, who are still in contention to stay up until the final round, had more players nominated for the Best Eleven than Seoul and Jeju, with Yoon Beom-garam and Lee Seung-woo nominated.

Gangwon FC only had Kim Young-bin. Only center back Kim Young-bin made the list because all the players who performed well, such as Kim Dae-won, were underperforming. Suwon, which was the worst team all season, didn’t have anyone. Even with Kim Joo-chan, Lee Ki-je, Ko Seung-bum, Kim Joo-won, and Yang Hyung-mo, not a single one of them made the Best Eleven.

As mentioned, the number of Best Eleven nominations varied greatly by performance. While the best performers on the team often make the Best Eleven, there are times when a player’s record or impact is unexpectedly recognized.


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