Suwon City Hall wins women’s title at 2023 Unemployed Volleyball Federation Championships

‘We are the best on the unemployment court.’ The Suwon City Hall volleyball team, coached by Kang Min-sik, has won the women’s title at the 2023 Korea Unemployed Volleyball Federation Presidential Championship 토토사이트 for the second time in two years.

Suwon City defeated Yangshan City 3-0 in straight sets (25-13 25-18 25-17) in the women’s final on the final day of the tournament at the Danyang National Sports Center in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. Suwon won four straight matches, including the qualifiers, to lift the trophy.

With the victory, the team won three titles, including the Unemployed Volleyball Federation Games and the Unemployed Volleyball Danyang Games held in June and July.

Suwon City Hall played well against Yangshan City Hall in sets one through three. Setter Ha Hyo-rim, along with Kim Do-ah, Lee Yeon-jae, and Choi Yoon-yi, played evenly.

Yangsan City Hall was led by Han Song-hee, but lost to Suwon City Hall in both the qualifiers and the final.

Suwon City took the first set with Choi Yoon-i leading the way. The second set was tightly contested as the teams exchanged points early on.

However, Suwon took the set thanks to a fast break by middle blocker Jung Yoo-ri and an interception by Ha Hyo-rim.

Substitutions also made a difference. Kim Bo-bin, who took the court in place of Lee Yeon-jae, also scored a point and added to the lead with an opponent error.

Suwon took the second set to take the lead. In the third set, Yangshan City Government was evenly matched. It was similar to the second set.

However, Suwon City regained the momentum after Lee Yeon-jae’s service ace and Kim Do-ah’s blocking of Yang Yoo-kyung’s attack.

Later in the set, Suwon City went up 20-12 on a spike by Lee Yeon-jae, followed by a kill by Kim Hyun-ji and a follow-up attack by Kim Do-ah.

Choi Yoon-i was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), while teammates Jung Yoo-ri and Yoo Yoo-yeon earned the offensive and libero awards, respectively. Suwon City Coach Son Seok-beom was honored with the Leadership Award.

In the men’s final, which was held at the same venue after the women’s final, Sangmu (Armed Forces Athletic Corps) defeated Busan City Sports Association (Busan City Sports Association) in straight sets, 3-0 (25-22 25-21 25-12).

Led by head coach Park Sam-yong, Commerce maintained its dominance in the men’s practical competition. Busan City Sports Association, coached by Lee Hyung-doo, tried to win their first title, but could not break the momentum of Sangmu.

Kim Woong-bi and Kim Dong-young, the left and right flankers, stood out, and in the second half of the third set, the fastball centered on middle blocker Park Chang-sung worked well. Busan City Sports Association was led by Lee Hyun-seung, the ‘main gun’.

Unemployed volleyball will conclude its competition schedule this year with the National Games next month.

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