SON’s Infinite Loyalty to Vice-Captain Son Heung-min is The Best

Tottenham will play against Fulham in the ninth round of the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, at 4 a.m. on the 24th. 토토사이트 Tottenham, which has been undefeated in the opening eight games six wins and two draws, can rise from fourth to first depending on the result of the match.

At this point, only two of the EPL’s 20 teams have not lost. Tottenham and Arsenal are the stars. Arsenal played nine games, winning six games and drawing three. He finished second in the most recent match, a 2-2 draw away to Chelsea. Therefore, if Tottenham wins against Fulham, it will rise to a higher rank than its North London rival Arsenal.

Tottenham are in good spirits. He added eight consecutive points against Brentford 2-2, Manchester United 2-0, Bournemouth 2-2, Burnley 5-2, Sheffield 2-2, Arsenal 2-2, Liverpool 2-1 and Luton Town 1-0.

At the center are Son Heung-min and James Madison. Son started all eight games and scored six goals. He is the top scorer in Tottenham. At the beginning of this season, he changed his position from a flanker to a striker and flew as if he had wings. Madison has two goals and five assists. He has accumulated the most offensive points in Tottenham.

It was not easy to recruit an alternative striker after Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich, Tottenham manager Angie Postecoglou said. Son Heung-min is a striker who can play both sides and center. You can score a goal anywhere. I can play in Kane’s place, he said. As expected by the coach, Son Heung-min is in charge of the goal at Tottenham’s front line.

I was handed the captain’s armband. Prior to the opening of the season, Tottenham replaced the captaincy. Existing captain Hugo Lloris was virtually classified as out of power, and Kane, the vice-captain, was transferred. Coach Postecoglou left Son Heung-min with the captain’s armband. Son Heung-min is the first non-European player to be appointed as captain in Tottenham’s club history.

The vice-captain is Madison and Christian Romero, 25. Madison is an attacking midfielder who moved from Leicester City to Tottenham last summer. He became vice-captain upon joining Tottenham. Romero is a central defender in his third season with Tottenham. Son Heung-min, Madison and Romero will lead the Tottenham squad as captains and continue their unbeaten streak.

Vice-captain Madison is busy praising captain Son Heung-min. In an interview with the Daily Mail on the 22nd, he said, Son Heung-min is the best captain who always takes the lead and sets an example. Players play hard not to disappoint captain Son Heung-min. That’s how warm and nice Son Heung-min is. Son Heung-min’s positive energy spreads throughout the team. Son Heung-min is a great captain and a great friend.

The two are directly linked to Tottenham’s performance. Especially in the last Arsenal away game. Son Heung-min scored two goals on the day, both from Madison’s assist. The captain is taking the lead in sweeping goals and help.

Madison said, When I played for Leicester, I wasn’t close to Son Heung-min. However, Son Heung-min approached me after the game, shook hands, hugged, and praised me. A high-level player like Son Heung-min does not have to approach others first. Nevertheless, Son Heung-min approaches anyone first and spends his time, he explained.

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