Son Junho, who was caught by China, to the K5 League

Son Joon-ho was officially listed as a Keon-ryung FC player in the integrated computer system of the Korea Football Association on the 22nd.

This means that the Korea Football Association, which reviewed Son Joon-ho’s status, officially judged that there was no problem.

Son Joon-ho, who was arrested on May 12 last year while trying to return home from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, a member of the Chinese professional football team Shandong Taishan, was released after about 10 months of investigation and returned to Korea on the 25th of last month.

It is not known why China took Son Joon-ho and released him based on what judgment.

The only confirmed charges are currently “crime of accepting non-state operatives.”

It is known that this applies to cases where a person belonging to a company or other unit that is not a government agency illegally receives other people’s property by using convenience in the job.

As a result, the possibility that he participated in the manipulation of the match or that money was exchanged in the process of transferring to Shandong was also mentioned, but Son Joon-ho has strongly denied the allegations.

The Chinese authorities have also not specified the details of the allegations.

When Son Joon-ho, who returned, sought to join the K5 League team, the Korea Football Association began its registration review, and after a few days of review, it was judged that there was no reason for disqualification, an association official said.

The K5 League is systematically the top amateur league, just after the semi-professional K3 and K4 leagues.

In addition to professional players, amateur player regulations also have provisions for match fixing or “football-related irregularities.”

If he is found guilty of participating in match fixing or receiving money in a “domestic game,” he cannot play as an amateur player.

They must not be sentenced to imprisonment or higher and are being executed or suspended. If you have been sentenced for soccer-related corruption, you cannot run unless five more years elapse even after the execution is over.

However, there is no separate mention of cases that took place outside the jurisdiction of the administrative and judicial branches of Korea, such as Son Joon-ho.

The association decided not to disclose how it evaluated and accepted Son Joon-ho’s case.

Apart from the judicial and administrative parts, there are no contractual problems with his former team Shandong. Shandong terminated its contract last summer when Son Joon-ho was detained.

The Chinese Football Association is also believed to have issued an International Transfer Agreement (ITC) for Son Joon-ho.

Son Joon-ho is expected to return to the professional stage through the summer transfer market after raising his physical strength and senses without burden at Konyong FC, which is based in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

If you have registered as an amateur player without any problems related to match fixing or soccer-related corruption, there are no special obstacles to working as a professional player.

A number of K League 1 clubs, including Jeonbuk Hyundai, who worked just before moving to China, are reportedly considering recruiting Son Joon-ho.

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