“Shocked! Tuchel’s hard work → Ten Hach’s hard work → Tuchel’s senior project”… It’s the “Big Picture” of Ratcliffe, the owner of Manchester United

Ratcliffe has been listed as the new owner by acquiring a 25% stake in Manchester United. The Glazer family stepped down to a second term, and Manchester United’s general management was taken responsibility of Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe has many projects in mind to rebuild Manchester United. They include expanding infrastructure, adjusting squad wages, and recruiting superstars.

And there is also a project to appoint a new coach. Reports continued that if Ratcliffe comes to Manchester United, Erik ten Hag will be replaced. This is because Ratcliffe distrusts Ten Hag, who is on the path to fall this season.

Manchester United ranks eighth in the league, and is nowhere near the championship competition. The UEFA Champions League was eliminated last in the group, and the UEFA Champions League was eliminated early on as well. All that is left is the FA Cup. Manchester United advanced to the round of 16 by winning against Newport 4-2 in the round of 32 on Sunday.

Manchester United is ruined. It seems unlikely that Ratcliffe’s distrust of manager Ten Haq will be reversed. Therefore, there is a possibility that the new coach Ratcliffe wants will take the helm of Manchester United. Surprisingly, the main character is Thomas Tuchel, manager of Bayern Munich.

He now belongs to Bayern Munich. He can’t be brought in right away. That’s why Ratcliffe is waiting for his time. When Tuchel is replaced.

Tuchel is in crisis, too. He managed to win the title at the German Bundesliga last season. However, his team is in even more danger this season. Bayern Munich is ranking second in the league with 47 points. The powerful Leverkusen has 49 points and has yet to rank No. 1 in this season.

If Bayern Munich fails to win the Bundesliga, Tuchel is certain to be fired. Bayern Munich is meaningless unless it wins the league. It won 11 consecutive Bundesliga matches until last season. Bayern Munich, which does not win the league, has no other answer than a breakup.

Tuchel has also frequently shown signs of conflict with his club in recent years. He is opposed to the policy of recruiting and transferring players. He had a public war of words with Bayern Munich CEO and criticized it publicly. Local media judged that Tuchel’s relationship with the club has become estranged. There are signs of separation.

If Tuchel is replaced by Bayern Munich, Ratcliffe will move. Ratcliffe is determined to break up with Ten Hag and hold Tuchel’s hand.

Britain’s Telegraph reported, “Manchester United have discussed appointing Tuchel. Tuchel is under consideration as the next manager of Manchester United. Ten Haq has 18 months left on his contract, but discussions on renewing his contract have not yet begun. Ratcliffe has the most powerful say in the future of Ten Haq.”

“Ratcliffe is considering Tuchel as an alternative to Ten Haq. Bayern Munich is not No. 1 in the Bundesliga. With Leverkusen leading the league, Tuchel is under pressure from Bayern Munich. If Tuchel leaves Bayern Munich, Tuchel will immediately be touched by Ratcliffe,” he stressed.

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