“First of all, I’m so excited, I have a gold medal in my house.”Shin Yubin, the first Korean table tennis player to win an Asian Games gold medal in 21 years, beamed as she held up her gold medal to reporters at the Mixed Zone. The South Korean teamed up with Jeon Jeon-hee to defeat North Korea’s Cha Soo-soo and Park Su-kyong 4-1 in the women’s table tennis doubles final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Sunday. Shin had to rehabilitate for more than a year from a wrist injury she sustained at the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Houston .In a twist of fate, the Asian Games were postponed by a year due to COVID-19, allowing her to compete for her country. “I was injured, so I wasn’t actually here,” Shin said, adding, “I was grateful that I was lucky enough to be able to play, and I played and performed well, so I think it was my first Asian Games that I will never forget. “During the press conference and interview, Shin expressed her confidence in her partner, Jeon Jeon-hee.”She is a very solid player technically,” Shin said, “and she gives me confidence in my skills while playing doubles, and allows me to play confidently,” Shin reiterated her trust and gratitude. The South Korean team faced North Korea in the Asian Games final for the first time in 33 years .But Shin Yubin didn’t pay attention to those “external” factors. “I prepared the same way I always do with my sister, no matter who the opponent is,” she says, “and the results came, and I had fun and did well in the ceremony without thinking about anything else. “The next step for Shin is the Paris 2024 Olympics. “It hasn’t been decided yet, but if I go, I’m going to keep practicing as I always do, and if I go, I want to make sure I have no regrets,” she said .Just as Shin’s skills are improving, she says she’s still tall.”I thought I had stopped growing, but I’m still a little bit taller at 169cm, but the taller the 안전놀이터 better (laughs).”

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