Shaking Clinsman, hold on to your mentality… the commanding tower has stepped up

South Korea’s national soccer team, led by head coach Klinsmann, will play its final third Group E match against Malaysia at Al Zanoop Stadium in Al-Wakra, Qatar, at 8:30 p.m. on the 25th (Korea time).

South Korea had one win and one draw in the previous two matches. Since the final match is in weak Malaysia, it is certain that it will advance to the round of 16, but the eyes are full of anxiety due to the poor contents of the last match.

Korea won the first match against Bahrain 3-1 on June 15, but the game was not very good. The match against Jordan on June 20 ended in a 2-2 draw amid frustrating performance. However, he benefited from the opponent’s own goal in the last minute of the match.

Fans are bombarded with excessive criticism against some players who showed poor performance at the match against Jordan. They are continuing to make personal attacks, mentioning players’ appearance outside the stadium.

Coach Klinsmann himself took part in situations where players could be intimidated and their performance could be affected. Coach Klinsmann sent three analysis staff to the second Group F match between Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan on the 21st, and he stayed at his accommodation to conduct interviews with the players.

In the absence of a separate mental coach in the national team, the intention was to help coach Klinsmann strengthen his mind by giving advice to players who may be psychologically daunted.

“It may not be easy, but it is better to distance yourself from public opinion during the competition,” Klinsmann told reporters. “I also did not pay much attention to public opinion during the competition. I hope all the players will be able to distance themselves from each other and participate in the competition comfortably and with concentration,” he said.

“The points are not bad right now. The atmosphere will change completely from the round of 16,” he said, adding that he is not worried about the players.

Coach Klinsmann and his team will take a full day off on the 22nd and begin preparing for the match against Malaysia on the 23rd.

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