Seo Hyo-won and Hyun Jeong-hwa Table Tennis Legends

The Korea Racing Authority said, On the 22nd, we held a talent donation event for table tennis club members at Incheon Cheongna Training Center and finished it successfully. 토토

Led by Hyun Jung-hwa, head coach of the Korean Racing Authority, the event was held as a one-point lesson in various categories, including posture correction, basics, and technical demonstrations, under the guidance of table tennis Legend players such as Seo Hyo-won. The players coached all the participants’ movements one-on-one and delivered their practical know-how.

I would like to express my gratitude to the players who invited me to the talent donation event, and I look forward to the good performance of the players such as the Asian Games, said Moon Ji-ho, director of the sports table tennis court in Seoul.

In response, head coach Hyun Jeong-hwa responded, I hope everyone who attended will make pleasant memories with the Korean Racing Authority Table Tennis Team, adding, I ask for a lot of attention and love for the table tennis team in the future.

Meanwhile, the Korea Racing Authority Table Tennis Team is scheduled to participate in the fall presidential business table tennis competition to be held at Jecheon Indoor Gymnasium from August 1.

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