Responsible Gambling Commission Launches Ontario Campaign

Last month, the Council for Responsible Gambling launched a new awareness campaign, whose main goal is to teach individuals how to enjoy betting safely. The name of the new plan is Pre-gambling Mindfulness, and its focus will teach Ontario gamblers the importance of having a plan before they start gambling. 바카라사이트

The campaign came at a good time for the country to report a boom in online betting and an upcoming open eye gaming market in Ontario after the passage of Bill C-218 legalized single-game betting. Recently, the state closed all land-based casino properties, leaving fans with the option to play online only.

Pre-gambling Mindfulness, targeting Ontario residents aged 35 to 55 years, will start in December 2021 and run through mid-February this year, displaying messages as video ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Score apps, as well as a website called Plan Before You Play.

According to a study of 5,000 Canadian gamblers, only half of those surveyed would stop gambling if they felt some kind of intoxication. The study found that gamblers between the ages of 18 and 24 were much more likely to support false gambling beliefs, such as waiting for random results to occur if they didn’t get drunk for a moment, making bets to compensate for losses, and believing in certain pattern plays that were more likely to win.

In the campaign, Congress uses three 15-second video spots that use symbols from mindfulness apps. Video features a comfortable voiceover, soothing music and vision, and solving certain aspects of gambling-related problems. It refers to the use of alcohol or drugs when gambling, the charm of big games, and the feeling of luck in special cases.

Each video contains a voiceover that humorously explains the meaning of such thoughts and actions, and also warns of the dangers of taking alcohol or drugs before starting gambling, as it explains that all emotions except luck are valid during gambling.

The council’s previous campaign was in collaboration with the All-in-Diversity Project, whose common goal was to better understand the diversity and inclusiveness of gaming, and its challenge was to educate game brands in the industry and help them act in the right direction as well as tools to diversify their workforce.

In November 2021, Credit Canada reported an increase in online gamblers in Canada during lockdown restrictions. The group’s counselors said more and more residents are blaming online gambling entirely or to some extent for their financial misfortunes, seeking advice from professional financial advisors. This is because online gambling is easily accessible.

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