“Putting 153km fastball to turn a pitcher → controversy over killing of a pitcher → First transfer in my life”… A golden opportunity has come in 2024, should I shoot a career high

He played shortstop until high school, and then turned into a pitcher after college. Having boasted strong shoulders since he was a shortstop, he began throwing fastballs. He was a pitcher who played for the Samsung Lions until last season and became a professional player for the first time. He is Moon Yong-ik, 29, a fireballer who will play in the 2024 KT Wiz uniform.

KT Wiz recently sent closer Kim Jae-yoon to the Samsung Lions in the Stove League. Kim Jae-yoon has become a “Samsung Man” after agreeing to a four-year contract worth up to 5.8 billion won (down payment of 2 billion won, annual salary of 2.8 billion won, and incentive total of 1 billion won).

Although the closure has been eliminated, the industry considers KT a strong opponent for the LG Twins’ championship competition next season. Ko Young-pyo and Um Sang-baek are holding out as homegrown starters, with the formidable foreign one-two punches of William Cuevas and Wes Benjamin seated. On top of that, Soh Young-joon is committed to rehabilitation with this summer’s goal.

Although internal FA sovereignty is still uncontracted in the bullpen, there is no significant loss of power except for Kim Jae-yoon’s departure. Above all, Park Young-hyun, who played an active part in the national team last year, is expected to be promoted to the closing pitcher right away. In addition, Son Dong-hyun, who made impressive throws in the last postseason, and Lee Sang-dong are expected to play a major role in the bullpen. In addition, recruitment of “Veteran” Woo Kyu-min, who played for the Samsung Lions through the second draft, is also a great boon. There is another bullpen candidate along with them, and it is Moon Yong-ik, who came as a compensation player for Kim Jae-yoon.

Moon Yong-ik, who graduated from Deokyang Elementary School, Yangcheon Middle School, Cheongwon High School and World Cyber University, was nominated by the Samsung Lions as 59th overall in the second round of the sixth round in the 2017 rookie draft. Moon, who turned into an official player in 2019, made his debut in the first division in the 2021 season after completing his mandatory military service. His performance over the three seasons from the 2021 season marked 4 wins, 2 losses, 1 save, and 4 holds with an ERA of 3.84 in 75 games. In total, he allowed 54 strikeouts and 37 runs (31 earned runs) in 72 ⅔ innings, 60 hits (five homers) and 44 walks.

Last year, Moon had just one win, which coincidentally happened to be a victory over KT. Against KT, he had a strong ERA of 0.00 with one win and no loss, two hits, three walks and three strikeouts in four ⅓ innings in four games last season. That may have caught the eye of “pitcher trainer” Lee Kang-chul, KT’s manager. KT did not hesitate to pick Moon as its compensator.

Moon drew attention with a scene from fans last year. At the game against KIA in Daegu on May 16 last year, Moon headed to the dugout after pitching in the eighth inning. However, Chung Hyeon-wook, the pitching coach, was somewhat radical and mischievous and grabbed him by the collar, which sparked controversy. However, according to a team official, the two are very close friends. At the time, they were making a bet on coffee based on the pitch, and they were talking about different thoughts when such a scene came out.

Moon’s biggest strength is his heavy fastballs. He sprays fastballs with a maximum speed of 153 kilometers. He also installed sliders with large angles. “Revolution Per Minute (RPM) comes out to about 2,500,” KT’s general manager Na Do-hyun told Star News after Moon’s nomination. This is one of the top 8 percent of right-handed pitchers in the entire KBO league. “Sliders also swing and miss frequently,” he said. “If he gets guidance from the field, he will be available in the first division.”

As such, it can be said that Moon was recruited with the determination to utilize the talent in the primary league. The transfer to KT could certainly be a great opportunity for Moon to play baseball. He only pitched 37 ⅔, the most by an individual in the 2022 season. Will Moon be able to make 2024 his year at KT? KT fans’ expectations are rising.

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