Pragmatic Play And a Charity Event Sponsored By Ultra-Marathoners

Pragmatic Play most recently announced that it will join Maltese ultramarathoner Steve Sammut Nurminen in an effort to serve a good cause. 바카라사이트 This successful provider of iGaming content will support his efforts to complete a 365-km marathon across Sicily. This way he will receive 10,000 euros for the Dr Klow charity.

When it comes to offering online gaming products, Pragmatic Play is one of the most important names in the iGaming industry. Vendors show a multi-product portfolio of premier titles, including casino, bingo, and slot games. The studio produces up to six new slot games each month. As an industry leader, the company is always ready to donate to local communities and groups.

Mr. Nurminen’s goal is to raise more than 10,000 euros for Dr. Crow, a non-governmental organization that delivers unique services and help to hospitalized children in Malta and Gozo. The organization provides clown doctors, who have received artistic and psychological training in hospitals to entertain children and try to put smiles on the faces of children in need.

The 365-km ultramarathon is sponsored by an iGaming supplier that will sponsor Mr. Nurminen and his experienced team. Since the event is expected to last more than two and a half days, they will soon begin preparing for the long journey from Syracuse to Trapani. According to the company, the event will take place during the height of the summer season.

Julian Jarvis, CEO of Pragmatic Play, said Nurminen is quite famous among the Maltese community for his heroic work of patient running, and the company is proud to support him in the 365-km Ultra Marathon. He also praised Dr. Klown for his tremendous efforts in Malta, saying that his supplier humbly supports the athlete to secure money for the organization.

In June 2021, Pragmatic Play donated £10,200 to a cancer relief organization in Gibrot. This fund is more than welcome for non-profit organizations, as they have used it to pay for training for new members by the end of the year. Besides this, the money has secured numerous specialized advanced training courses for other employees.

Mr. Nurminen himself shared that the ultra-marathon is a very interesting challenge, which will push him to his limit, and that it will be one of his most ambitious journeys to this day. In his words, it would be incredible to be able to raise funds for the organization and its tremendous work. He is also happy to work with iGaming providers and CSR programs that help many charities in Malta.

Meanwhile, iGaming, a well-known provider of iGaming games titles, is also trying to expand its reach across the market. Earlier this year, the company announced a collaboration with Romanian brand .

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