Playtech Taps into Family Feud Franchise via Fremantle Deal

The leading provider of technology catering to the global gambling industry, Playtech, announced a new groundbreaking partnership. The company confirmed Wednesday that it signed a new exclusive deal with the owner of rights to formats developed by Mark Goodson Productions, Fremantle. Under the terms of the new exclusive deal, Playtech Live will deliver the iconic Family Feud franchise to the live casino gambling sector.

The strategic collaboration covers global markets and includes the US version of the famous Family Feud franchise. Moreover, the company secured the intellectual property (IP) for Family Fortunes, the UK counterpart of the famous franchise. Under the latest collaboration, with Fremantle, Playtech significantly boosts its offering, delivering unique experiences for customers across the globe.

The deal with Fremantle comes after earlier this week, the company announced a partnership with the leading bingo provider in the UK, Buzz Bingo. The duo strengthened their partnership, effectively extending it through 2031 and confirming they will focus on delivering seamless and innovative gaming experiences.

The Collaboration Represents a Game-Changing Partnership
Aaron Berndtson, Playtech’s head of strategic partnerships and entertainment, revealed that the company is delighted to join forces with Fremantle for this strategic collaboration. “The partnership with Fremantle is another milestone to deliver unique and captivating experiences to players worldwide,” he added.

Erica Gadecki, Fremantle’s SVP of partnership solutions, was similarly thrilled regarding the new exclusive deal with Playtech. She outlined that the new partnership complements Fremantle’s ongoing goal to deliver exceptional, unique and thrilling experiences to players across the globe. Finally, Gadecki said: “Playtech’s Live platform is a perfect opportunity to expand into the interactive entertainment landscape while building upon the Family Feud legacy.”

Edo Haitin, Playtech Live’s CEO, spoke about the importance of the new collaboration with Fremantle. He confirmed that the integration of the famous Family Feud franchise will strengthen the company’s offering, helping iGaming and game show entertainment get closer and continue to provide engaging experiences. Haitin said that the partnership marks a thrilling moment for Playtech. Finally, the CEO highlighted that this deal complements the company’s ongoing goal to deliver supreme entertainment.

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