North Carolina Casino Expansion Yet to Gain Traction

Earlier this year, North Carolina legalized mobile sports betting. While the activity is expected to launch as planned, at some point by mid-2024, further efforts for the expansion of gambling activities were also seen recently. One such effort calls for the legalization of new casinos through the state budget.

A gambling proposal that is a part of the state budget, supported by Senate leader Phil Berger, seeks to authorize new casinos across North Carolina. Although the proposal may gain traction, considering that it is a part of the budget, it may also reach a dead end. Earlier this week, House Speaker Tim Moore addressed the gambling proposal that is a part of the state budget.

He explained that the way this proposal is pushed forward makes it “doomed.” Moore revealed that while it makes sense to legalize more casinos, just like the state’s plan for sports betting, the gambling proposal is unlikely to lift off. This is primarily because there were no details released before the state budget was made public, making it difficult for some lawmakers to support it.

Additionally, considering the way the budget is voted on, there can be no amendments made. According to Moore, this is precisely why the gambling proposal is unlikely to progress this year. He said that while a proposal to expand gambling might have gained traction as a separate bill, it is unlikely for the current one to progress.

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