My wife’s surprise reveal Arrives side by side Ohtani shows off his star from the appearance of Korea

On the afternoon of the 15th, Ohtani and other LA Dodgers players stepped on Korean soil through Incheon International Airport’s first passenger terminal.

On this day, a chartered plane with the Dodgers team arrived at Incheon International Airport around 2:34, and the team appeared at the entrance gate at about 2:48.

Breaking everyone’s expectations, Ohtani was the first to come out in front of the fans. Behind Ohtani was Mamiko Tanaka, a former Japanese women’s professional basketball player known as his wife. Ohtani headed outside to cheers from fans.

Prior to boarding the plane, Ohtani posted a picture of himself in front of the plane with the words “Waiting!” in Korean on his social media. In this photo, Ohtani’s veiled wife was revealed, drawing attention.

While Ohtani was expected to appear with his wife at the arrival hall, Ohtani and his wife passed through the arrival gate side by side, drawing cheers from fans.

Fans gathered at Incheon International Airport early in the morning to see the Dodgers. Tanaka left the gate looking surprised. Unfortunately, Otani left the airport not only for interviews but also for signing autographs or other fan services.

Meanwhile, Ohtani posted a message on social media on February 29, saying, “The season is approaching, but I’m telling you that I’m married.”

“I started with a new team and a new environment. I hope the two will join forces to cheer each other and walk with fans,” Ohtani said. “There are still many shortcomings, but I hope you keep an eye on him warmly.” Ohtani did not give details about his wife, calling her an ordinary Japanese woman.

Then Ohtani changed his mind and made an official appearance with his wife.

Tanaka, who was born in 1996, announced his retirement from active duty last year after joining the Fujitsu Red Wave in 2019. Foreign media, including Japan, pointed to Tanaka, a Japanese women’s professional basketball player, as Ohtani’s wife, and public rumors turned out to be true at the arrival site on the day.

The Dodgers’ opposing team, San Diego, stepped on the ground in Korea via a chartered plane around 1:23 a.m. Kim Ha-sung said, “I feel great. Now I can feel it. I’m sure our fans are looking forward to it, but I’ll do my best to show you a good performance.”

The teams of both teams are scheduled to start their full-fledged Seoul Series schedule starting with an official press conference on the 16th, a day after entering the country.

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