“My Thoughts on Hitting” by Kim Tae-kyun

My Thoughts on Hitting (Brainstorm) by Kim Tae-kyun (52), a former Korean National Team No. 4 hitter and Hanwha Eagles permanent number 42, has been published by KBSN Sports baseball commentator.

Kim, who made his professional debut with the Hanwha Eagles in 2001, is a legendary KBO hitter with a career batting average of .332 and 311 home runs until his retirement in 2021. He also played for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team and Nippon Professional Baseball.

This book chronicles the 30-year journey of Kim Tae-gyun, 안전놀이터 who began playing baseball at age 10 and retired from the game at age 40. He was the best hitter in South Korea, and you can read about his thoughts on hitting even after retirement.

He compares the 0.4 seconds of a hit to the process of a batter preparing for a game, the battle of standing at bat and facing the pitcher, and the mindset of returning home after a game.

In his book, Kim says, “There is no right answer to hitting. It’s a process of finding your own answer.”

To this end, he wrote the book by studying his own trials and errors from his childhood, Major League Baseball (MLB) and Japanese hitting theories, and applying them to his own experience.

“I received great love from baseball fans and great lessons from baseball seniors. I wrote this book because I wanted to give back to the fans and younger players what I learned and experienced after retiring as a player. I hope this book will help not only professional players, but also social players and fans understand hitting.”

Kim Tae-gyun said he will donate all of his royalties to Fruits of Love.

The book mainly contains ideas about hitting. 안전한 파워볼사이트 The book also includes Kim’s upbringing, anecdotes with his teammates, and thoughts on his dream team. Kim Tae-gyun’s notes and manuscript were organized by Kim Sik, a reporter for the Daily Sports.

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