Melco Opens Sales Offices In HK, Singapore, Cyprus

Casino operator Melco Resorts & Entertainment will work to promote Macau as a destination for international visitors through its “soon” outside sales offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Cyprus, the company’s chief operating officer David Sisk said in a company press release on Wednesday, citing the company’s chief operating officer.

The comments relate to a travel promotion event in Manila on Tuesday. Tourism officials from Macau and the Philippines and executives from Melco Resorts attended.

Melco Resorts has an existing sales office in Manila, where it already operates the City of Dreams complex with local partners. The Manila office helps promote Macau, where the company does most of its business, as an international travel and leisure hub, Mr. Sisk said.

The company also recently opened the City of Dreams Mediterranean in the Republic of Cyprus.

Melco Resorts and five other gaming concession operators in the Macau market have pledged $108.7 billion ($13.5 billion) in collective MOPs to develop non-gaming projects and explore overseas customer markets during the new 10-year gaming rights period.

Macao concessionaries must increase their collective investment by up to 20% during the current 10-year concession period if Macau’s market-wide casino gross game revenue reaches 180 billion MOP within a year under the terms of the concession.

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