Luge Kim Bo-geun Ranks 11th in Men’s Singles Italy Monopolize

Luge Kim Bo-geun Ranks 11th in Men’s Singles Italy Monopolizes 2 Gold Medals

Kim Bo-geun (Sangji Daegwallyeong High School), a promising star in Korean luge,

ranked 11th in the men’s singles competition at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics (Gangwon 2024).

Bo-geun Kim ranked 11th in the men’s luge singles competition held at the Alpensia Sliding Center in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do on the 21st with a total time of 1 minute 35.046 seconds in the first and second periods. 카지노사이트

Kim Bo-geun, who played baseball when he was young,

got into luge after participating in a start competition in middle school at the suggestion of his older brother (Kim Ji-min),

who started luge first, and even went on to stand on the stage at the Youth Olympics.

On this day, he ranked 11th overall with a time of 47.572 seconds in the first period,

and improved to 47.474 seconds in the second period, but maintained his ranking.

In Korean luge, the previous day, Kim Ha-yoon (Sariul Middle School) and Bae Jae-seong (Sangji Daegwallyeong High School) ranked 8th in the men’s doubles

Kim So-yoon (Shinmyeong Girls’ High School) ranked 9th in the women’s singles.

Kim Bo-geun then aimed for a top score once again, but narrowly missed entering the ‘top 10’.

After the game, Kim Bo-geun said, “The first start was a bit disappointing, but I am satisfied that I rode all the curves cleanly.

Before starting the second period, I told the manager and coach that I could reduce my record further, and I am proud of myself for showing it in action.”

Revealed expressed his ambition, saying, “I want to use this competition as a stepping stone to go to the 2026 Milan/Cortina d’Ampezzo Winter Olympics,” and said, “I will prepare by improving my strength and stamina.”

In the men’s singles competition that day, Italy’s Leon Haselider won the gold medal with a total time of 1 minute 32.356 seconds in the first and second periods.

Following Paul Zoher (Austria, 1 minute 32.541 seconds), Philipp Brunner (Italy, 1 minute 33.241 seconds),

winner of the double race the day before, won the bronze medal, allowing Italy to fill two spots on the podium.

While Korea did not participate in the women’s doubles match that followed,

Italy’s Alexandra Oberstoltz and Katarina Sophie Koffler (1 minute 36.471 seconds) took the top spot, and Italy took the two gold medals in the luge event that day.

Austria’s Marie Riddle-Nina Lerch (1 minute 37.141 seconds) and Lina Riddle-Anna Lerch (1 minute 37.378 seconds) followed.

On this day, Yoo Seung-min, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC),

participated as a medal presenter at the men’s singles award ceremony.

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