Lotto Quebec And Scientific Games Sign 5-year Deal

Lotto Quebec and Scientific Games once again promised a long-term partnership and have thus built their 50-year history together. 바카라사이트 The Crown Company has now selected a game provider as the primary provider of instant games. This week, the two companies signed a completely new contract that would see them work together for the next five years.

Scientific Games has been a trusted partner of the crown company for more than 50 years and has been recognized as a responsible game supplier by the world lottery society as a lottery supplier. Recently, the company committed itself to Quebec, investing millions of dollars to accelerate and advance production technologies at its local facilities.

Isabelle Jean, Lotto Quebec’s general vice president and chief operating officer, said Scientific Games was Crown’s longtime partner and Quebec’s main business employer. She explained that the vendor understands Crown Agency’s idea well and creates a new and exciting instant winning game for many local players.

John Schulz, president of Americas & Global Instant Products, said the company has made a serious investment in production technology at its Montreal facility. The company currently has five instant game production facilities on four continents, so it can support the crown company and many players with the highest level of content, Schultz said.

Over the past 50 years, the game supplier has developed and released more than 4,500 instant games for the crown at its Montreal office. This includes the first game of Crown. It also produced content for lottery organizations in the United States, France, Hungary and Australia, as well as four Canadian provincial lottery tickets and games for local lottery companies. All purchased at the Montreal facility.

Lottery title distributors are considered the world’s largest developers, providers, and associated service providers. It operates in 50 countries around the world and provides 130 lottery tickets to the service. This also includes nine of the top 10 instant game lottery performances worldwide, which collect more than 70% of international instant game sales.

Recently, the two companies received major awards for their special partnership and efforts, receiving the Gutenberg Award. The 40th Gala Gutenberg decided that their product, Polyde Plant or Plant Madness Instant Game, manufactured from 100% recycled paper, won the award. It was one of the first instant games to be printed in eco-friendly fiber.

In June this year, Lotto Quebec announced another important partnership for operations. Crown has signed a deal with Fantama Games, which allows the latter to incorporate premium game titles on Crown’s website, . Thanks to the contract, the European supplier has now made its official debut in the state.

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