Lee Ye-won Won Three Awards – Lim Jin-hee Won The Most Awards – Kim Min-byul Won The Rookie of The Year Award

Im Jin-hee won the KLPGA Tour SK Shilders and SK Telecom Open total prize money of 1 billion won at the Raviebel Country Club Old Course par 72 in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 12th, winning her fourth championship cup of the season with a total of 16-under 200. 토토

As a result, the KLPGA Tour has completed all 32 competitions scheduled for this year, and each title winner has also been confirmed. We look back on the main winners and impressive scenes.

Last year’s Rookie King Lee Ye-won won three awards, including this year’s grand prize
Lee Ye-won, who fits the expression quietly strong, was consistent and undulating enough to give the impression of competing for the championship in almost every tournament. Last year, Lee Ye-won, who maintained his composure to the point where he couldn’t believe he was a rookie, threatened his seniors, and naturally won the Rookie of the Year award, was upgraded to a stronger appearance this season.

With three wins of the season, he won 1,424,817,530 won in prize money and recorded an average of 70.7065 at-bats. He swept the titles in three major categories: grand prize, prize money king, and average at-bats. Lee Ye-won, who played in 29 competitions, was cut only once, but was listed in the top 10 13 times, and 21 times if she expanded the range to the top 20.

Lee Ye-won, whose driver distance is 43rd and in the upper middle, has no particular weaknesses with fairway accuracy rate 11th, green accuracy rate 4th, and average putting 13th.

Im Jin-hee said, Four wins this year alone. Im Jin-hee’s momentum this season was great. After winning his first victory at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship in May, he won four wins until the final match following the Samdasoo Masters in Jeju in August and the Sangsangin and Korea Economic TV Open in October. It’s my sixth career win.

Im Jin-hee has achieved remarkable growth in all categories, including second place in the prize money ranking 1.145.83 billion won, second place in the grand prize points, and fourth place in average at-bats. Compared to last year’s 15th place in grand prize points and 14th place in prize money, it is close to the end of the war.

Im Jin-hee said, The goal of the season was to exceed 1 billion won in prize money and win more than two times. My score this season is 100 points, he said, satisfied himself. Im Jin-hee is aiming for a new leap forward by challenging the LPGA Tour Q School next month.

One of the topics of women’s golf this season by Kim Min-byeol was the competition for the Rookie of the Year. It was a showdown between Kim Min-byeol, a rock Buddha-style without shaking, the long-shot queen with a long-shot that resembles a male player, and Hwang Yoo-min, the second-ranked long-shot leader, who is called the charge leader for his long-shot and hot attack golf. Bang Shin-sil won two games and Hwang Yoo-min won one, but the Rookie of the Year trophy went to Kim Min-byeol..

Kim Min-byeol was consistent enough to rank in the top 10 12 times, including 3 runner-up finishes and 3rd place this year, but he had no connection with the championship cup. Two of the three runners-up were overtime losses, one of which was beaten by competitor Hwang Yu-min.

Kim Min-byul said, My goal this season was to win more than the Rookie of the Year award. I didn’t win the championship, but I think I did well because I was rewarded with the Rookie of the Year award. In particular, it is special to become the Rookie of the Year in Chuncheon, his hometown.

Now, the trophy…Park Hyun-kyung Breaking the second-place jinx Park Hyun-kyung, who has so many fans as the second-most female golfer, shed tears last month when she cut off the tired runner-up jinx after two years and five months of extension at the SK Networks and Seo-kyung Ladies Classic.

Park Hyun-kyung won three career wins at the KLPGA Championship in May 2021, but has only finished second nine times since then. He had to swallow a powder at the threshold of winning three times this season, but he finally finished his long jinx.

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