Lee Ki-soon joins the commercial organization.

It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s time to get on the induction train. SSG Landers left-handed pitching prospect Lee Ki-soon joins the commercial organization.

The SSG removed pitcher Lee from the first team roster on the third day of the offseason. Born in 2003, Lee is a rookie in his third year of professional baseball, having joined SSG in 2022 as the team’s second fifth-round pick. He didn’t have much first-team experience until last season. He only appeared in two games last year and pitched three innings.

However, this season he has definitely made his mark on the first team. One of the most impressive games was on May 18 against the Gochukkium Heroes. Roenis Elias, who was scheduled to start, suddenly felt pain while warming up, forcing SSG to make a last-minute change just before the start of the game. 바카라사이트 After asking Kiwoom for permission to use the same left-handed pitcher, Lee quickly warmed up and took over. In the game, Lee pitched 3⅔ innings of one-hit ball with four strikeouts and no walks. He allowed five walks, but finished the game without allowing an earned run.

In his final first-team appearance before joining the military, he earned his first professional win against Gochuk Kiwoom on April 2. The SSG bench brought in Lee after starter Park Jong-hoon faltered in the bottom of the fourth inning, allowing a walk, a hit by pitch and a long ball. With runners on second and third, Lee gave up a leadoff single to Lim Byung-wook, but retired Ko Young-woo on a groundout and Lee Yong-kyu on a fly ball to right field.

In the bottom of the fifth inning,

He put out the fire himself by retiring the Kiwoom center fielders of Lee Ju-hyung, Choi Ju-hwan, and Kim Woong-bin with runners on first and second with a walk and a hit. 1⅔ innings of two-hit, three-strikeout, one-walk ball. Lee Ki-soon, who pitched reliably in the second game to protect his team’s lead, earned the save as SSG won 6-2.

It was Lee’s first win since joining the professional ranks in 2022. He suffered his first professional loss on April 30 against Hanwha, and his first win came about a month later. After this game, he said goodbye to the SSG seniors for the time being.

Lee will be enlisting in the Armed Forces Sports Organization’s commercial baseball team on April 10th. Kiwoom’s opponent on the second day, Kim Jae-woong, is also enlisting in the commercial baseball team. If he is discharged at the end of next year, he will be able to prepare for spring training at SSG again from the 2026 season. 안전놀이터 While it’s a blessing to be able to play in the Futures League and maintain a sense of practice because he’s not enlisting for active duty, it’s also unnerving to have a gap while he’s just getting his feet wet in the first team.

However, both the SSG coaching staff and the front office have high hopes for Lee’s growth. “He’s showing more and more improvement this season,” Lee said of Lee. I’m looking forward to the future,” he praised the pitcher.

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