LA Dodgers mound to dedicate 14 walks on ‘worst day in 62 years

The result is worse than a massive loss. The LA Dodgers mound was hit by the worst day in 62 years. He gave up as many as 14 walks.

The Los Angeles Dodgers held a home game against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on the 15th (Korean time).

Starting with starting pitcher James Paxton, the Los Angeles Dodgers were followed by Ryan Braiser, J.P. Firereisen, Alex Besia, and Nick Ramirez.

The result was eight hits and six runs. Of course, there were quite a few runs lost, but such a game is relatively common. The problem is the walk. The LA Dodgers pitcher gave 14 walks on the day.

This is the fourth time in LA Dodgers history that he has given more than 14 walks, and the first game since he allowed 16 walks against the New York Mets in June 1962.

The Los Angeles Dodgers allowed eight walks, although Paxton seemed to have survived by allowing three hits and three runs in five innings. The San Diego Padres’ batters lacked concentration and ended up allowing only three runs.

In addition, Brazier, who took the mound in the sixth inning, had one walk, and Fire Reisen, who allowed three runs in 1/3 innings in the seventh inning, gave up two.
Besia, who allowed 12/3 scoreless innings, also had two walks, and Ramirez, the last pitcher, also gave up one walk.

On the other hand, starting with Darvish Yu, San Diego’s mound was marked by five pitchers with just three walks. Darvish had two walks and closing pitcher Robert Suarez had one walk.

The LA Dodgers has yet to back up its mound despite its outstanding lineup. The team ranks first in scoring and fourth in OPS, but ranks 19th in ERA.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will hold three consecutive home games against the Washington Nationals from July 15 to 18. Ace Tyler Glasnow will play in the first game on Saturday.

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