Its Like golf, Ice Hockey is a Rich Sport

Like golf, Ice Hockey is a Rich Sport it will be enjoyed by men and women of all ages”

Lee Ho-jin, president of the Korea Ice Hockey Association, reached 10,000 players and clubs this year,

hosting a new women’s league for the first time in Korea

Lee Ho-jin

Lee Ho-jin, chairman of the Korea Ice Hockey Association,

reveals future plans at the office of the Korea Ice Hockey Association in Bangi-dong,

Seoul on the 24th, marking the 500th day of his inauguration.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is tagged as an unpopular sport. 카지노사이트원

The first ice hockey match was held in 1928 and boasts a history of nearly 100 years,

but it has not succeeded in expanding its base.

But lately there are signs of change.

World Women’s Championship

After being spotlighted at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and attracting attention,

ice hockey started to come up and down more often in people’s mouths

when the ‘2023 World Women’s Championship’ was held in April.

The Korean team was promoted to the second division for the first time in history

after winning all five matches in Division 1 Group B (3rd Division) of this tournament.

The person who hosted the World Women’s Championship was Lee Ho-jin,

president of the Korea Ice Hockey Association.

500th Day Inauguration

On the 500th day of her inauguration, she met Chairman Lee on the 24th at the Korea Ice Hockey Association in Bangi-dong, Seoul.

Chairman Lee said, “I will try to popularize ice hockey as it gains great popularity,

just like golf, which is gaining its status on the world stage.”

Chairman Lee

Chairman Lee said that the domestic ice hockey population is steadily increasing.

The number of registered players in the association, which was 2434 in 2020, increased to 3684 last year.

The number of elementary school ice hockey teams in Korea,

which led to the ‘Pyeongchang boom’, exceeded 100 last year from 90 in 2020.

President Lee said, “Since we only apply for players participating in the tournament,

the number of registered members of the association cannot fully reflect the actual increase in the ice hockey population.

We estimate that it will exceed 10,000,” he explained.

The popularity of ice hockey is felt through the skin.

Mom Café

In the so-called ‘Mom Café’, you can easily find posts from parents who are looking for ice hockey teams and inquiries about ice hockey clubs in the neighborhood for after-school activities.

Chairman Lee said, “The perception of ice hockey as an ‘expensive sport’,

like golf in its early days, is gradually fading.

There are many places where clubs rent equipment, etc.,

so the cost burden is less than expected.”

He is rapidly fulfilling his promise.

Korea Olympic Committee

In July of last year, ‘Hockey Together’,

a campaign program sponsored by the Korea Olympic Committee and sponsored

by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), was held. did.

In the industry, Chairman Lee’s biggest achievement is that he has strengthened Korea’s position through sports diplomacy in the IIHF,

where European countries are mainstream.

In the meantime, Korea has been treated as a ‘periphery’ in the international ice hockey world.

However, following the hosting of the World Women’s Championship,

the association has recently strongly requested Chairman Lee’s attendance at the general meeting, and he is realizing his changed status.

Winter Youth Olympic Games

The IIHF executives also decided to visit Korea in large numbers for the Winter Youth Olympic Games,

which will open in January next year in Gangwon-do. Chairman Lee said,

“The ice hockey industry in Asia, which had been centered on China,

is rapidly being reorganized because of the IIHF’s containment of China.”

We plan to make efforts to host many international competitions in Korea in the future.”

Of course, there is a lot of homework. Unemployment teams with only one male and female team (male HL Anyang,

female Suwon City Hall) should be increased, and ice hockey stadiums should be established.

Chairman Lee said, “Ice hockey can spread a dynamic image widely,”

“We will actively work to make companies and local governments aware of the charm of ice hockey.”

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