Its Dragusin Medical Completed Supernova Center Back Official Countdown

I left Genoa and arrived in London. Radu Dragusin wears Tottenham uniform.

Italian Serie A center back Dragusin left Genoa and arrived in London on a small chartered plane on the 10th (Korean time).

European soccer transfer market expert Fabricio Romano announced Dragusin’s departure to Tottenham on the same day through his social media, saying, “Dragusin is going to Tottenham. A new transfer fee proposal of 30 million euros (about 43.3 billion won) was submitted, and an agreement was reached.” . A scene was also revealed of Dragusin leaving Genoa Airport in Italy and boarding a plane to London.

The amount originally proposed by Tottenham to recruit Dragusin was 25 million euros (approximately 36.1 billion won), but after several negotiations, Genoa wanted 30 million euros. As Dragusin’s price recently rose, Tottenham eventually accepted it, and after giving the player a choice, Genoa appeared to be heading to Tottenham.

Dragusin will arrive in London, home of Tottenham, within 11 days at the earliest.

After a tug-of-war over the transfer fee, Tottenham met Genoa’s demands and Dragusin’s departure to Tottenham was confirmed. 토토사이트 순위

One of Tottenham’s concerns was the centre-back. Even at the beginning of the season, he had no worries because Christian Romero, who was previously in charge of Tottenham’s defense, and the newly recruited Mickey van der Pen had good chemistry. However, a problem arose after Van der Pen suddenly suffered a long-term injury in the match against Chelsea.

The fact that he did not have a reliable center back was a big blow. Coach Anzhi Postekoglou tried various things, such as placing Ben Davis, who can also play center back, as a center back or hiring Eric Dier, but it was not easy to fill Van der Pen’s vacancy. Van der Pen was a player with fast speed, stable build-up ability, and decent defense, but the abilities of Tottenham’s remaining defensive resources were nothing compared to Van der Pen.

Coach Postekoglou expressed his intention to recruit a centre-back in an interview in which he said he wanted to recruit a centre-back in a game played ahead of Christmas, and that he hoped the new signing would be a Christmas present to Tottenham. Before and after Coach Postekoglou’s remarks, Tottenham were linked with a number of center backs even before the transfer window opened.

Meanwhile, French defender Jean-Clair-Todibo was selected as Tottenham’s top reinforcement, but his team, Nice, France, opposed it, and Dragusin rose rapidly.

Romanian center back Dragusin is a player who has begun to be mentioned as a Tottenham center back candidate as the winter transfer window approaches. He made his professional debut after coming through the youth ranks at Juventus, and gained experience on loan at Sampdoria and Salertina. He played well at Genoa, a Serie B team, last season and helped the team achieve promotion. Genoa was satisfied with Dragusin’s performance and activated the permanent transfer option, so he became a Genoa player during the season.

He made his debut in Serie A as a regular player rather than a loan player, but after only playing for half the season, he showed great success, and not only Serie A clubs but also overseas clubs, including Tottenham, who were looking for a center back, showed interest in Dragusin.

Genoa’s coach Alberto Gilardino, a former Italian star striker, also did not rule out the possibility of Dragusin leaving, saying, “I don’t want anyone to leave,” but “anything can happen in the transfer market.” In the end, Tottenham had it.

Dragusin had already reached a personal agreement with Tottenham. He was waiting for his current team, Genoa, to conclude negotiations with Tottenham. At a time when Dragusin’s transfer was not yet completed, Bayern Munich entered the race to recruit Dragusin in an attempt to hijack him, but Dragusin maintained his decision to transfer to Tottenham.

In addition to Munich, Napoli, Kim Min-jae’s former team, also wanted Dragusin. Napoli, which has been showing instability in defense this season since Kim Min-jae left for Munich, is also continuing to strengthen its defense through the winter transfer market. Napoli could not match the amount Genoa wanted, but instead tempted Genoa by adding two players to the transfer fee.

‘Football Italia’ quoted a report from the Italian edition of ‘Sky Sports’ and said, “Napoli is also interested in Dragusin, but has no intention of meeting the transfer fee demanded by Genoa. “Napoli offered Genoa 20 million euros (about 28.8 billion won) and Leo Ostigor,” he explained.

But Dragusin’s choice was Tottenham. Romano said, “Dragusin wanted Tottenham, and despite Munich’s offer, he agreed to a personal agreement with Tottenham. The Dragusin saga is now over,” explaining that Dragusin rejected Munich’s offer and chose to move to Tottenham.

Romano’s opinion on Dragusin’s transfer to Tottenham is positive. Roma said through soccer statistics media ‘Opta’, “Tottenham wants Dragusin because they have scouted him for a long time. I think Dragusin is a great but underrated center back,” and said Dragusin is a player who is underrated compared to his ability. .

According to Opta, Dragusin completed the most passes for Genoa this season. The media explained that this record means that Genoa actively utilizes Dragusin when developing attacks.

He basically has build-up ability. This fits perfectly with the tactical style of coach Anzi Postekoglou, who wants to start the attack from the back with a pass. Immediately after Coach Postekoglu took office at Tottenham last summer, he recruited Mickey van der Pen, who has good ball-handling skills. Van der Pen is also a type of center back with excellent build-up ability.

Additionally, Dragusin recorded the second-most clearances (87) in Italian Serie A this season, and set the record for most aerial duels among defenders (59). He also allowed an opponent to dribble through only once.

He is a drag god who not only has build-up ability but also basic defensive ability. Additionally, Dragu Shin is known to have a fairly high speed compared to his height. He is, overall, a player that comes to mind after Van der Pen joined Tottenham through the summer transfer window.

In the end, Dragusin chose Tottenham.

Dimarzio said that when Dragusin chose Tottenham, he said: “In the morning, I will take a private plane and leave for London. A visit to Tottenham is scheduled. Dragusin made his choice after thinking about it for the past night. He will play for Postekoglou’s Tottenham. “The visit to Tottenham was scheduled for Wednesday.” That’s what happened in the end.

Dimarzio decided to give up troublesome defender Jed Spence in addition to the transfer fee as a condition for Tottenham to sign Dragusin.

The media said, “Negotiations between Tottenham and Genoa were originally expected to be concluded yesterday, but Munich’s offer shook everything. However, Dragusin made a decision after thinking about it all night. Genoa will receive full-back Spence on loan. Contract “This has been officially done,” he explained.

David Ornstein of the British newspaper ‘The Athletic’, known as a highly credible reporter, also said, “Tottenham has agreed to sign Dragusin. Despite competition from Munich, Genoa accepted Tottenham’s offer last night. Dragusin will loan Spence until the summer. “It is expected that he will leave the country on Wednesday morning to complete the transfer with an offer containing conditions,” he said, adding that Spence, like Di Marzio, will be loaned to Genoa.

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