It’s a shame he missed out on the stolen base title.

It’s a shame he missed out on the stolen base title.

It’s no exaggeration to say that LG Twins’ Shin Min-jae has been a hit this season. Before the season, Shin wasn’t even a member of the starting lineup. He was expected to be a pinch-hitter and a big-time defender. However, Seo Ji-chang’s struggles at second base opened up an opportunity, and Shin seized it.

A utility player who can play both infield and outfield. Recently, he has been playing more in the outfield, but he has made LG’s second base his own. With his quick feet, he battled for the top spot in stolen bases until the end of the season and won his first individual title. Shin Min-jae played a career-high 122 games this season after making his debut. It was a de facto full-time commitment.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop was also very complimentary of Shin’s performance.

As Shin’s performance became more stable in the second half of the season, he secretly wanted to make him a Golden Glove second baseman. The Golden Glove, which is only awarded to the best player in each position, is a prestigious honor for KBO players. If Shin really won the Golden Glove as a second baseman, it would be a life-changing story.

However, on the 29th, the KBO announced the nominees for the Golden Glove voting in the second base category. For one thing, he didn’t play enough defensive innings to qualify.

For infielders, the Golden Glove eligibility criteria is that all players who have played at least 720 innings (team games X 5 innings) of defense at their position are eligible. 먹튀검증토토사이트 Among second basemen, Park Min-woo (NC), Kang Seung-ho (Doosan), Kim Sun-bin (KIA), Jeong Eun-won (Hanwha) and Kim Hye-sung (Kiwoom) were nominated.

Shin Min-jae has 689⅓ defensive innings at second base this season, 30⅔ short of 720. He has also played in the outfield and one short game at third base, depending on the game situation, but his Golden Glove nomination is based solely on one position. This is unavoidable because he was not a full-time second baseman from the beginning of the season, and his innings increased dramatically in late May. If he had played until the end of the season, he would have been able to fill in the innings, but on October 6, he suffered muscle pain while running the bases against KIA in Jamsil, and was unable to play in the remaining six games, leaving him short of defensive innings.

His only regret is that he missed out on the stolen base title.

Shin Min-jae was the centerpiece of LG’s aggressive running game this season. With 37 stolen bases, he finished second in the league in stolen bases. He was overtaken in the final round by Jung Soo-bin (Doosan). Jeong Soo-bin won the individual title with 39 stolen bases.

If Shin Min-jae had held on to the stolen base title, he would have been a candidate under the rule that says, “The first-place finisher in each individual category during the regular season is automatically eligible for the position for which the criteria is met, regardless of eligibility requirements.

Of course, Shin has already accomplished a lot this season, even without the Golden Glove. He cemented his place as LG’s starting second baseman and had one of his best seasons as part of the team’s first Korean Series title in 29 years. 카지노사이트 순위 He’ll have a chance to win his first Golden Glove next year.

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