Inter director on ‘Lukaku betrayal’ incident: “I may not transfer, but I need respect”

Inter Milan director Piero Augilio has spoken about what happened with Romelu Lukaku last summer.

The Nerazzurri pushed to sign Lukaku ahead of this season. Lukaku, who left for Chelsea in 2021, had returned on loan last season after expressing his longing for Inter. The Nerazzurri were in talks with Chelsea over a possible outright purchase, but suddenly lost contact with Lukaku. That’s when Lukaku’s move to Juventus was rumored. Some reports even claimed that Lukaku and Juventus had already been in contact since the end of last season.

Feeling betrayed, Inter were furious and stopped trying to sign Lukaku. Lukaku was then sent out on loan to AS Roma by José Mourinho after negotiations between Chelsea and Juventus did not go smoothly and he became a lame duck. Lukaku returned to Inter’s home stadium last weekend in a Roma jersey. Inter fans greeted him with loud boos.

In an interview with Radio Serie A, the director, who has a good grasp of what’s happening in the transfer market, was asked about the Lukaku saga. “I don’t want to comment on players who are at other clubs. We haven’t talked about it in recent months. I like to think about the present and the future. Lukaku is just part of the past,” he said, seemingly avoiding the question, before adding something meaningful.

“I would say there has to be education and respect, obviously everything was going on and at some point they just stopped. If the transfer doesn’t happen 토토 and there’s mutual respect, that’s fine. But hiding and sending messages indirectly through other people is a problem. Since July 8, the door has been closed. I have no regrets,” he said.

On his call with Lukaku, he added: “It was nothing special. There was no response from Lukaku for a while, so I just said what I thought,” he added.

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