I Worked So Hard At The Asian Games, But it Was 0 to 2

South Korea won against China in the semifinals of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games e-sports event League of Legends at Hangzhou e-sports Center in China on the 28th. 토토 On this day, Korea won in the middle of the first set, and showed a disadvantage early in the second set, but the reversal in the middle eventually led the game to victory.

This victory feels even better because Korea won not only the revenge of five years ago, but also the appearance of China’s willingness to do everything for the gold medal ahead of this tournament. In the League of Legends section ahead of the Asian Games, China gave a nuance that it practiced knowing the client version to play the tournament in advance, and it was also belatedly known that the quarter-final direct team would be decided as a result of the Road to Asian Games ahead of the tournament.

However, as soon as the client version was confirmed, Korea also started practicing by obtaining a practice server for the version under the cooperation of Riot Games Korea. The players also played a 13.12 patch game, so this was not a big problem. South Korea, which did not participate in the Road to Asian Games, played from the round of 16, but it was more beneficial in a way because it was able to experience the field in advance.

China, which went straight to the quarterfinals, adapted to the stage by hosting the first game on the main stage, and Korea played all three games at the auxiliary stadium before reaching the semifinals. Even if you use the same desk and chair, there is a big difference in playing in front of the audience. However, all of the national team, including Faker Lee Sang-hyuk, had a wealth of experience in international competitions and were not affected much wherever they played.

Due to the nature of the e-sports competition, someone eventually had to play in an auxiliary stadium, which the Korean national team could fully expect. Keriya Ryu Min-seok, who is famous for setting up in LCK, also did not seem to have a big problem enough to spend as much time as he usually did in league games.

And the long-awaited Korea-China War. Previously, China had taken steps that made it feel determined to win the gold medal. And they are now aiming for the bronze medal. This is the result of whether we had to go that far.

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