Hengqin-Macau Broadway Tour Inquiry

Broadway Macao, a Cotai hotel run by Galaxy Entertainment Group, has received inquiries from travel agencies that plan to offer schedules for the “Macau-Hengqin tour group,” a Macau casino operator said in response to a question from GGRAsia. As early as May 6, the hotel received such first-time guests.

From that day on, various visa policy relaxation measures were implemented for mainland Chinese visitors wishing to travel to Macau. The measures include the possibility of several arrivals between Macau and Hung-chien for mainlanders to join the “Macao-Hung-Chin Tour Group,” which consists of at least two people and up to 40 people.

All crossing points are available on the mainland side for the first entry into Macau by these groups, but all subsequent round-trip travel must be via the mainland side Hung-chien Port Arrivals Hall on Hung-chien Island. Repeated group entries must be within 7 days.

Galaxy Entertainment told GGRAsia in response to our questions, “According to our travel agency partners, we have received a lot of inquiries about ‘Hungkin-Macao’ [group tour] products.”

“Currently, our [travel agency] partners are actively working on recruiting guests and preparing for the tour. Tour schedules are primarily designed by travel agencies, and Broadway Macao is our top priority,” Galaxy Entertainment added.

Broadway Macao is next to the Galaxy Macao, the company’s flagship casino resort in Kotai, and is connected by footbridge.

Broadway Macao welcomed its first guests under the plan on May 6, which debuted its Hangqin group tourism policy. This follows a Chinese statement released by Galaxy Entertainment last week and reviewed by GGRAsia.

The organization said it stayed in Broadway Macau and was able to “experience” the Grand Resort Deck in the Galaxy Macau and several tourist attractions in Macau and Hengchin.

A press release from Macau’s tourism agency, the Macau government tourism agency, confirmed on May 6 that 16 people participated, mostly from neighboring Guangdong province, the first “Macao Hung-chien” tour group under the new policy.

According to the MGTO announcement, their three-day schedule includes one night in Macau and two nights in Hengchin.

Chinese travel agency Gongbei Port Guangdong currently offers “Macao Hung-chien” tour group tour itineraries, advertising two-day and three-day packages. According to promotional materials from the Chinese travel agency, the starting prices are 788 yuan ($109) and 1,258 yuan per person, respectively.

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