Halifax Woman Defrauds Millions of Dollars

A Halifax bookie is to be sentenced to eight years for stealing C$7.6 million from her previous employer and gambling close to C$6.4 million. 파친코 The culprit, Sherry Ramash, worked for 15 years as an accountant for Banc Group, one of the largest real estate developers in Halifax, and was trusted by Besim Halef.

Mr. Halef had no idea what was going on behind his back, and even considered Mr. Lamarche a close family member. He also had no idea that she was a passionate gambler. However, by using her long gambling history, she was able to hide her traces for quite some time, so she stole about C$7.6 million from the company.

The criminal began in 2018 by embezzling a small sum of less than CA$10,000 and sending a check to her then-husband’s business, independent customs firm Coachworks. Over time, her theft grew so that she could buy a camaro, pay off a loan, repair a house worth 180,000 Canadian dollars, travel around the world, and even give some to family members.

When her family asked her how she got such financial power, she always replied that she got a jackpot. But gambling was one of her main activities that began at the Legend Game Center next to the Trans-Canada Highway, but it continued from the comfort of her home when she first fell into online gambling on New Year’s Day in 2018.

According to the report, as a daily gambler, between mid-January and mid-February 2018, she spent C$30,000 on iGaming. But those numbers surged to C$195,500 in the same period in 2019 and were much larger to C$248,500 in 2020. The Atlantic Lottery Company did not launch Nova Scotia’s legitimate online gaming casino until July 2022, meaning she relied on illegal websites.

Estimates show that from January 2017 to June 2021, her total gambling spending reached nearly C$6.4 million, but she only earned C$384,000 in return. Her plan first became known on June 2, 2021, after Ms. Harlev received a call from Scotiabank. He assembled the pieces when he was told ICE Coach Works that a suspicious check had been confirmed.

After an investigation and trial, Lamarche was sentenced to eight years in prison for defrauding his employer. At the time of the sentence, Judge Christine Driscoll described the criminal as repugnant. In addition, the judge issued a return order for the total amount to be exactly 7,749,799 Canadian dollars.

This was not the first time a gambling-related crime had been detected. In May 2023, a court ordered the former bar manager of the match restaurant and public house in Starlight Casino Point Edward to pay back the stolen cash. The culprit, William Maguire, was caught on security cameras and kept cash without registering a transaction or claimed a made-up return.

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