Genting Malaysian frontrunner got a New York casino license?

According to a recent new report by Maybank IB Research, Resorts World New York City could turn into a complete casino property. 바카라사이트 Currently, the facility offers only slots, but reports show that gaming businesses in Genting Malaysia can receive one of three downstate casino licenses from the New York State Gaming Commission.

Last month, the commission issued a Request for Information for candidates interested in running a downstate casino in New York. After evaluating the conditions and scope of interest of the applicants, the Commission will then begin a Request for Proposals. Resort World New York City is likely to receive such licenses because it already operates in New York State.

Maybank IB Research analyst Samuel Yin Shao Yang wrote in a report that Genting Malaysia’s property is well-positioned to be selected as the operator for one of its three full casino licenses. Mr Yang believes that gaming properties will get off to an advantageous start, as it is faster to distribute table games than other casinos when the commission begins to request proposals.

Additionally, according to analyst estimates, Resorts World New York City could generate $145 million worth of annual net income for Genting Malaysia. This will also increase the company’s shares by approximately 0.53 MYR from 3.40 MYR to 3.93 MYR. Mr Yang said the Downstate Commercial License would be the ultimate reward for gaming property, as it currently offers only slot games and no table games.

The New York State Gaming Commission has already initiated its request for information, and stakeholders must submit their submissions and questions by Nov. 10, after which they will have time to submit their full responses by Dec. 10, after which regulators will submit their reports to the governor and state of New York by June 10, 2022.

Queens local organizations and associations also say they support the transformation of Resort World New York City into a fully commercial casino. The coalition sent a letter to Council President Carl Heastie and his leaders Andrea Stewart cousins, highlighting the possible benefits of the property’s transformation into a complete casino with table games available.

According to the union, the expansion of gaming facilities will have a significant positive impact on the region. It could generate more revenue for a severely depleted budget due to an unprecedented situation. The coalition also believes that the change will provide more jobs for local residents, as many people have lost their jobs because of the virus.

New York State’s new report last week said the New York State Gaming Commission could advance and award licenses to mobile sports betting ventures. Regulators appear to have already decided who the two-game consortium will be

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