Former coach Park Hang-seo returns to the Vietnamese soccer community… Park Nin FC adviser in the third division

DJ Management, Park Hang’s management company, said on the 19th, “Park has been appointed as an advisor to Vietnam’s Park Ninh FC (third division). Park has returned to the soccer community once again as an advisor to the team that conducts overall consulting work for the team.”

Since taking the helm of Vietnam in 2017, coach Park has recorded outstanding performances of 26 wins, 12 draws and 14 losses in 52 games for five years. In particular, he is evaluated as raising Vietnam to the strongest team in Southeast Asia by winning one ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Cup championship, one runner-up, one Asian Cup quarterfinal, two World Cup final qualifiers, and two Southeast Asian Games gold medals.

Coach Park, whose contract with the Vietnamese Football Association expired after January last year, said, “After a break for about a year, coach Park will serve as an advisor to oversee the youth, adult teams, and technical and administrative parts of Park Nin FC. The contract period is five years from February 2024 to January 2029, and the national team or professional team signed the contract on the condition that they can concurrently hold the position even if they receive coaching offers from other clubs and associations at home and abroad.

Coach Park said, “After the expiration of my contract with the Vietnamese national team, I tried to contribute to the development of Vietnamese soccer in some form to repay the love I have received in Vietnam. Last year, we established the first youth academy, PHS Football Academy, and we are currently educating many prospects,” adding, “This is the second project of Park Nin FC. Not long after the team’s re-foundation, we will do our best to develop into a healthy professional team by joining forces with a club with poor operating system but great enthusiasm and vision.”

In addition, Park said, “We are continuing to discuss the managerial positions of other associations and clubs, and there are several proposals. I want to make a decision after careful consideration with all possibilities open,” expressing his willingness to resume his activities.

Meanwhile, Bac Ninh FC is a club based in Bac Ninh province located in northern Hanoi. Bac Ninh is well known to Koreans as an economic and industrial complex where various domestic companies are located, and is the main point of Vietnam’s industry, which has grown with foreign investments from not only Korean but also global companies. Based on its stable financial power, Bac Ninh province actively operates a soccer team from this year, and expects the effect of enhancing its external image through head coach Park Hang-seo.

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