Figure Shin Jia wins silver at Junior World Championships

신지아가 지난달 강릉 아이스아레나에서 2024 강원 동계 청소년 올림픽 피겨스케이팅 단체전에 나서 연기하고 있다./연합뉴스

Women’s figure skater Shin Jia (16) won her third consecutive silver medal at the Junior World Championships. For the third time, she was unable to overtake age rival Shimada Mao (16-Japan).

Hsin-Jia scored 138.95 points (second place) in the women’s single free skate at the event in Taipei, Taiwan, on Monday. She won the silver medal with a total score of 212.43 points after topping the short program on Feb. 28 (73.48 points). He set new personal bests in the short, free and total, but fell 5.93 points short of first-place Shimada (218.36). 스포츠토토 Shimada finished second in the short with 72.60 points, but was edged out by Shin in the free with 145.76 points (first place).

Shin finished second to Shimada at both the 2022-2023 Junior Grand Prix Final and the 2023-2024 Junior World Championships, as well as at the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games in January.

The two have been battling for the title on the international stage recently.

Shimada’s strength is in attempting difficult jumps such as quadruple toe loops and triple axels (three and a half in the air). Shinjia has a stable triple and expressive jumps, but is often outclassed by Shimada’s bold jumps. On this day, Shimada made a mistake on her triple axel, but still managed to land one jump in the fourth rotation to earn a high score. Shin Jia was only slightly penalized on her last spin. Kim Yeon-ah, 34, was the only Korean woman to win gold in this event in 2006.

Twin sisters Kim Yoo-sung, 15, finished 15th (170.80 points) and Kim Yoo-jae, 15, finished 16th (167.84 points). In the men’s single short program at the event on Feb. 29, 카지노사이트 추천 Min Min-kyu (16) finished first (80.58 points) with a personal best. He will compete in the free skating event on Feb. 2, where he will try to become the first Korean male athlete to win a medal at the event.

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