Expanding the target of 亞 quota? Coach Kang Sung-hyung who wants to accompany Wipawi… “It matches the team’s color.”

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, a women’s professional volleyball team, also recruited players from the Asian quarter. Thailand’s national team outside hitter (left) Wipawi Shitong is contributing to the lead by scoring the same goal as Altoran. The head coach hopes to accompany him next season.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction won a new game with a set score of 3-2 at home against GS Caltex in the 2023-24 Dodram V-League held at Suwon Indoor Stadium on the 10th. Yang Hyo-jin, the team leader, scored the most points (25) in the team, and “Zupo” Moma Vasoko also supported 24 points.

Wipawi showed its presence in the first set, which Hyundai Engineering & Construction won after a deuce match that went up to 30 points. It gave Hyundai Engineering & Construction a win by scoring consecutive points in 25-26 and 26-26, where one point is important.

Wipawi had a hard time in the fourth set as well as his team lost several attacks in the latter half of the second set of the match. However, Hyundai E&C coach Kang Sung-hyung did not deploy any other lefties. In the fifth set 13-14, Wipawi successfully opened fire by penetrating two blockers from the opponent team, and played an important role in leading the game to deuce. Hyundai E&C won the fifth set 19-17 after a neck-and-neck race. Wipawi scored 11 points.

In the first season of its introduction in the Asian quarter, Wipawi has displayed the most outstanding performance among the seven female players. Of the 22 games played by her team, she played in 21 games and scored 217 points. She has scored double-digit points in 12 consecutive games since the game against Pepper Savings Bank on Nov. 23 last year, serving as three options for offense, following Moma and Yang Hyo-jin.

“It’s too early to comment,” coach Kang Sung-hyung said about renewing his contract with Wippu ahead of the game against GS Caltex, but added, “I wonder if there will be a player as big as Wippu, as the player has to match the team’s color. I think we have good teamwork after spending a year together. I think we should go together if possible.” “I hope Wippu will do better after hearing this,” he said with a smile.

Through its third board meeting in December last year, the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) decided to expand the Asian quarter target countries from the current 10 to 64 member countries. Players from countries with large leagues such as Japan and China are more likely to join the league. It is true that the possibility of renewal of contracts with existing players has declined compared to before the revision. However, it is also difficult to find a player who shows good performance and fighting spirit. Attention is focusing on whether Wipawi and Hyundai Engineering & Construction will continue their partnership.

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