Doosan Coach Park Heung-sik Recruited Cho In-sung And Leaked a Lot of Coaches

Doosan officially announced on the 12th that it has recruited coaches Park Heung-sik, Cho In-sung, Ga Deuk-yeom and Kim Dong-han. 사설토토 As the leak of coaches this offseason was large, it succeeded in filling the gap.

Coach Park Heung-sik is a veteran leader who has proven his capabilities at various clubs including the Samsung Lions, KIA Tigers, Nexen Heroes, and Lotte Giants after his retirement from active duty. Coach Park Heung-sik served as an acting manager at KIA in the past, and he wore the Lotte uniform until this season. And this time, he will be able to continue his coaching career at Doosan Bears.

Coach Cho In-sung and Coach Boom Yum had previously been recognized for their coaching and communication skills while playing for Doosan. And coach Kim Dong-han, who played for Doosan when he was an active player, took over Doosan’s coach after receiving high evaluations based on his unique sincerity even after his transformation as a leader.

Detailed coaching staff positions, including coach Cho Woong-cheon, who joined the pitching staff from the previous closing training and coached the pitching staff, and coach Kim Ji-yong, who was recognized as a playing coach in 2023, will be confirmed later.

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