Director Kim Joo-sung’s words that touched my heart

Wonju DB signed a contract with FA Kim Si-rae on Tuesday for a one-year pay of 100 million won (approx. Kim is the fourth team to join the club after Ulsan Mobis (current Hyundai Mobis) and Changwon LG and Seoul Samsung. “We thank DB. We thank the general manager, director, manager and coaches, and we will always do our best,” Kim said.

As a former top draft pick in 2012, Kim ranked first in assists twice (2017-2018 and 2021-2022). He was also selected as a member of the national team for the 2019 FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup Asian qualifiers. He was named the Player of the Month in November 2013, and ranks 11th in overall assists (2,247).

Kim Si-rae had his worst season ahead of his second FA in his career. Last season, he was put on a surgery table due to an injury to the back of his foot at Samsung in Seoul and finished the season at the end of January. The record for the 2023-2024 season was a 6.1-point field goal ratio of 30.8 percent and 3.4 assists for an average of 21 minutes and 28 seconds in 36 games. The score, field goal ratio were the lowest since his debut.

Kim Si-rae had to face a harsh reality, with Samsung notifying him of not being able to renew his contract early on. “To be honest, it was very difficult during the FA period, but I think it’s my fault that I got injured. I want to create a body that can be helpful in the DB,” Kim Si-rae said. Kim Si-rae, who is constantly undergoing rehabilitation after surgery and rest, is expected to be able to join the team training from August.

It was Kim Jong-gyu, who played as a key player at Changwon LG, that welcomed Kim Si-rae, who moved to the club with the goal of making a comeback. “I really, really like it. I never thought we would meet again like this. There were a lot of things that suited each other well when we played together. Although we both are old now (laughs), I think it would be creepy if we both play on the court together in the DB as well.”

Kim Si-rae also said, “I look forward to seeing (Kim) Jong-gyu again the most. During my time at LG, we not only had good chemistry on the court, but also shared a room together. As Jong-gyu is doing so well, I think I just need to elevate him. I will do my best to create synergy effect.”

Kim Jong-kyu was not the only one who welcomed him. Kim Joo-sung also cheered Kim up by talking on the phone after the contract was finalized. “He told me that he wanted to help me recover my honor. Thank you again,” Kim said.
The key to DB’s front line is Lee Sun-Albano, who was selected as the MVP of the domestic player last season. Depending on the situation, he may play together, but chances are high that Kim Si-rae will be given a backup role to ease Albano’s physical burden.

Kim Si-rae said, “I will take charge of the coaching staff, but I need to be ready to play in any position.” Alvano was the MVP last season. He prepared various defense tactics to block players, and sometimes entrusted a strong defense to the team. He was a really tough player to block, but I feel reassured to be on the same team. DB also said, “We have many good players, including Alvano.”

Kim also said, “I want to get rid of my injury, come back, and say, ‘Kim Si-rae is still alive.’ I want to have a season without any injuries. I really want to play it. DB is the winning team in the regular season last season. My goal is to integrate well as I have a good membership. As a veteran, I want to lead young players well.”

Kim Jong-kyu also said, “The situation is very different from when we played together at LG, but I believe that he will help the younger members well as he is the oldest. As our team has a good record of big men, I think we will be able to recover our honor as the coach said. I will also help (Kim) Sirae do well.”

In their second year as well as rookies, Kim and Kim jointly won LG’s regular league title and advanced to the championship game, respectively. What will happen in the 2024-2025 season? Another romantic drama has begun.

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