Community Voice Support for Camrose Casino Relocation

After the town of Barhead, Woodland County declared its support for the relocation of the Camrose Resort Casino from Camrose to Edmonton. 카지노사이트 Both communities now urge the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission to approve Capital City Casino’s request. The move will help us get more charity from casino revenue.

Not long ago, Capital City Casino has to explain that it asked AGLC to move Camrose Resort Casino from Camrose to South Edmonton. If regulators approved the measure, casinos would still be part of a rural charity game pool serving charities like they are now. However, the Crown Agency rejected the request.

Most recently, Woodlands County also backed the relocation proposal. Community services coordinator Heather Anderson said AGLC’s decision will have a huge impact on many of the county’s nonprofits because they rely heavily on casino revenue for their funds. She also said that many organizations have to wait up to two years to make a profit.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Wilhelm of Whitecourt East County says his nonprofit relies on casino funding and that he should always go to a casino in Grande Prairie instead of the most profitable gambling place in Edmonton has been frustrating. These measures will allow casinos to have more customers, and therefore more funding for charities.

In addition, Mr. Anderson noted that he did not know how AGLC evaluates which casino charities were allocated, except that nonprofits in rural communities were relegated to casinos in smaller communities. She added that casinos could potentially be shut down if they do not relocate, meaning backlogs on casino dates and smaller payments to local charities.

Before that, lawmakers in Barhead County decided to draft a letter to AGLC to review the decision and ask for approval to move the casino to Edmonton. Liv Doug Drozd commented that Alberta municipalities also support the request. He commented that the relocation made sense because it would increase potting for the Camrose area and Alberta.

Despite the many positives about relocation, Edmonton City Council doesn’t like the idea of bringing another casino property. In August 2022, Congress sent AGLC a list of concerns that casinos may be in Edmonton, Southeast. In addition, this letter was supported and signed by Mayor Amarjit Sohi.

Authorizing the relocation of casinos to Edmonton without a city license would not have a positive impact on local community organizations, the commission said in a letter. Indeed, the Commission noted that such a move would result in a net loss of existing revenue for local charities, as it would mean that more casino properties were competing in the same region.

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