Choi Jung-shot a 124.6-meter shot in front of Geoffo Lee Seung-yup

Geoffo Lee Seung-yup was in front of a 124.6-meter shot by Choi Jung.

Yes, in front of Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, who has 467 career home runs, Choi is ready to go.

From his first at-bat, Choi drew a big arch.

He lined a full pitch up the middle.

The pitch stretched toward the left-center field fence, hitting the fence just below the yellow home run line and heading for Jung’s glove.

It went down as Choi’s first career RBI double.

SSG immediately called for a video replay, but it was a very close call, and the ball did not cross the home run line.

The chance to catch up to Lee Seung-yeop’s home run record by 12 was ruined.

The distance was a whopping 124.6 meters!

It would have been a home run in any other stadium, but it was blocked by the fence at Jamsil Stadium, the largest in Korea.

Choi Jeong-jeong showed off her batting prowess by getting a hit in her second at-bat.

But the goddess of victory was smiling on Dusan.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Heo Kyung-min hit a game-winning single to complete a thrilling comeback.

Lee Seung-yeop’s pinch-hitting for Heo Kyung-min proved to be a godsend, and the Doosan players basked in the joy of come-from-behind drama at Jamsil Ball.

Samsung’s Pirela hit a fastball toward the left field fence.

Alford tried to make a jumping catch, but it got stuck between the fence and the fence structure.

It was a perfectly placed hit, and it was credited as a double.

With Kang Min-ho hitting a long ball, 온라인카지노 Samsung is now tied with KT.

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