Can Kim rise to prominence with new pitching coach?

“He’s just starting a new challenge. He’s completely untouched. It’s really good to see.”

Can the new Hanwha Eagles’ Kim Seo-hyun rise to prominence with new pitching coach Yang Sang-moon? The signs are good. Yang gives a thumbs-up.

With the end of the first half of the season, the Hanwha Eagles have a fresh start in the second half with the appointment of Seung-kwan Yang as manager and Sang-moon Yang as pitching coach. While Kim Kyung-moon was away at the All-Star Game, the two new coaches greeted the players in Daejeon on the 6th and 7th and immediately hit the ground running.

Pitcher Kim Seo-hyun has been the center of attention for Hanwha recently. The fireballer was the No. 1 overall pick in last year’s rookie draft. Along with Moon Dong-joo, he was expected to be the future of Hanwha’s mound.

His fastball is ridiculously fast.

Over 150 kilometers is standard. But the problem was his delivery. It was too jagged. In 22⅓ innings last year, he gave up 22 hits, 23 walks, and seven strikeouts. Those are not numbers you want to see in the big leagues.

But the beauty is that he struck out 26 batters while doing so. No manager would ever give up on Kim because they thought, “If he can just refine his stuff a little bit, he’s going to explode. However, they are less likely to send him out when it really matters.

The player loses confidence. 바카라사이트 추천 Of course, it”s not the fault of the manager or coach. This is why Kim Seo-hyun was given the opportunity to play for Kim Kyung-moon.

It’s hard for Kim to ignore the potential that Kim Seo-hyun has. Instead, he chose to capitalize. ‘Throw at will’.

Seo-hyun Kim was a wild pitcher in Seoul High School.

When he came to the pros, he modified his pitching form. This was probably because he realized that with such a form, his pitches would be disorganized. It could have been a poison for a thinking player.

Kim called up Seo-hyun Kim from the second team for a special appearance in a doubleheader on March 30. He didn’t send her back to the second team after the doubleheader. He watched her pitch out of the bullpen. Kim called up Seo-hyun to the first team against KT Wiz on March 3, and she pitched one scoreless inning that day. He walked a batter and struck out Kim Sang-soo with the bases loaded.

The result was a result, but his 154-kilometer fastball from a wild, bronco-like pitching form was impressive. He maximized his arm swing and sprayed the ball with his whole body. The Daejeon home fans cheered. After the game, Coach Kim gave Kim Seo-hyun a message of encouragement, saying, “Don’t worry about your form anymore, just throw your heart out.”

So, what did pitching expert Coach Yang think of Kim Seo-hyun and how should she plan for the future? Coach Yang watched Kim’s pitching training for seven days after she joined the team after the Futures All-Star Game. “Kim Seo-hyun must have thought a lot about it, and after deliberating with the coach, she made a difficult decision. It’s not my place to tell her what to do or not to do when she’s just starting a new challenge. I’m going to trust him and see what happens.”

If there was a problem with his pitching, it wasn’t flawless.

“It was really good to see him pitch up close. He was throwing the ball the way he wanted to, which was great. He pitched a lot better than what I saw from the outside.”

Yang concluded by saying, “As a coach, you can teach and change things to guide them in a good direction, but in the end, it’s best for them to do what they are comfortable with. If you do what you like and the results are good, what’s the problem. I think Kim Seo-hyun will be much more stable with this selection. I’m sure he will play an important role for the team in the second half of the season.”

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