BCLC Gets Top Rating in Corporate Knights Report

This week, Corporate Knights published its first social-purpose report entitled “Social Pathways: Helping Businesses Move from “horse” to “do.” In its report, the company awarded the British Columbia Lottery Company a platinum rating, recognizing its outstanding service and contribution to the state of BC.

A social purpose is a corporate practice defined as a business with a lasting reason for existence to create a better world. BCLC launched its social objectives in March 2021 and is committed to implementing them in all areas, including business growth, diversity, inclusion and affiliation, and adoption through environmental sustainability efforts.

Social Purpose Transition Path: In helping companies move from “speaking” to “doing,” BCLC received an overall score of 82%. The report, the first of its kind on a global scale, evaluated more than 34 public and private businesses in Canada that meet state social purpose practice requirements.

Peter Ter Weeme, BCLC’s Chief Social Purpose Officer and Vice President of Player Experience, said the company’s social purpose is to win-win for the greater good. According to him, this is achieved through products and operations, but can be improved by focusing on creating a more positive social impact and sharing expertise with other businesses.

Toby Hibbs, CEO and co-founder of Corporate Knights, noted that the social purpose report captures an important sentiment at the heart of the company’s mission. This means that in order for a company to overcome its social challenges, its business must become a new operating system, and at the same time, a company that adopts social objectives as a reason for existence must go a step further.

According to him, the next thing is to implement social objectives, and this new operating system is where corporate reports come in. He explained that the company hopes that the best practices and recommendations provided in the report will help businesses and organizations achieve greater potential for that purpose while improving society.

BCLC is still providing great benefits to BCLC decades after its inception, as all of its revenue is re-invested in the state economy. Not long ago, Crown released its financial report for 2020-2021, saying it provided more than C$419 million in net income for the fiscal year.

In November last year, the Crown Agency held a trademark fundraiser to secure more funds. This time, the initiative was named Love Local BC, which contributed to Food Bank BC and other local organizations. Local residents from the province were able to give back by purchasing many items and gift cards through quiet auctions, and funds from them were sent directly to local food banks.

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