Yi Yerin aspires to become a national canoeist

Yi Yerin aspires to become a national canoeist, a member of the Yongshan North-South single team.

The two-person canoeist dragon boat of the South Korean team is the first to cross the finish line.

From the thrill of the shiny gold medal to hearing Arirang from the top of the podium, Yi Yerin was 19 years old in 2018.

[Yi Yerin/on the 2018 Dragon Boat Single Team: “I think it means a lot more to me because it shows that we are one.”]

Yi Yerin, who tried out as a kayaker and competed in the then-hastily organized single-man crew event, has since switched to single-seat canoeing.

[Iyerin/National Canoe Team: “This is the ‘kneeler,’ where you kneel down and paddle on one side. (Kayakers paddle on both sides and are usually covered up to the waist here, right?) Yeah!”]

[Yi Yerin/Canoe National Team: “I had fun doing dragonboat (which rides like a canoe), so much so that the North Korean leader’s teacher once said to me, ‘I think you’ll be good at canoeing.'”]

From kayaks to dragonboats to single-seater canoes, Yi Yerin has taken on a new challenge and is training on the water for more than six hours a day.

[Yi Yerin: “I’m done with one set now. (How many sets are you doing in an afternoon?) Four.”]

On the possibility of reuniting with North Korean athletes who shared a single team five years ago at the Hangzhou Asian Games,

[Yi Yerin/Canoe: “I’d like to talk to them a lot, like, ‘We were together last time, but now we’re rivals.'”]

On paddling toward the goal of South Korea’s first-ever Asian Games medal in women’s canoe.

When people say ‘canoe,’ the first thing they think of is coffee. 카지노사이트킴 When they say ‘canoe,’ they think of Lee Yerin, so I’ll do my best until that day.”

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