“Blue card will ruin the game” Postecoglou’s determined remarks… Eventually ‘delayed introduction’

Recently, professional soccer has been talked about with the introduction of “blue cards.” The British “Telagraph” reported on the introduction of blue cards on the 8th (Korea time). The media said, “The International Football Council (IFAB) approved the introduction of a new card (blue card) that is used for the first time since the existing yellow and red cards.”

The blue card leads to a “temporary exit” measure. If a player commits a deliberate foul to prevent an opponent’s chances of attack or complains to the referee, he or she will receive a blue card and be “exited” for 10 minutes from the stadium.

There has been much opposition to the radical change. Tottenham Hotspur’s manager Enze Postecoglou did not stand still. According to media, he said, “Do you know what impact a team will have on the game if it is reduced to 10 players for 10 minutes? This will destroy the game. I will waste my time waiting for the return of the player who has been temporarily sent off for 10 minutes.”

“As a fan of the sport of soccer, I like the fact that most of the game remains the same from 40 years of experience. All other sports are trying to get rid of the confusion, but soccer continues to go the other way for strange reasons,” Postecoglou said in an intense criticism.

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe also didn’t stay put. “To be honest, I don’t support it. The system is working well at the moment. We need the right application. I oppose the addition of a blue card because it will only add to the confusion,” he said.

The Premier League (PL) coaches directly expressed their opposition. They all voiced concern over such a rapid change.

FIFA also voted against it. The U.K.’s “Daily Sports” reported on Wednesday, “FIFA has made an official statement on the introduction of blue cards,” adding to FIFA’s position. According to the media, FIFA said, “I want to make it clear that the introduction of blue cards into professional soccer is still inaccurate and premature. If implemented, it should be limited to a low-level and reasonable test.”

It was a position that the impact was great to introduce it directly into professional soccer. Not only PL coaches but also FIFA expressed skepticism about the introduction of blue cards. I saw that a little more trial and error and inspection were needed before using it in professional soccer.

In the end, the introduction of the blue card was postponed due to a large number of votes against it. The U.K.’s Gol Dotcom reported on the 10th that “IFAB delayed the introduction of blue cards into professional soccer.” Faced with much criticism and opposition, the team reversed its previous decision and withdrew its plan.

The blue card was initially discussed as a countermeasure against the harshness of giving a yellow card and being too serious to give a red card. However, given the many objections, it seems necessary to establish a broader consensus, a solid basis, and a phased introduction.

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