Badminton Seungjae Seo and Minhyuk Kang defeat world No. 1 and win BWF King of Kings Tournament

Badminton men’s doubles Seo Seung-jae and Kang Min-hyuk (hereinafter referred to as Samsung Life Insurance) won the World Badminton ‘King of Kings’ Climbed to the top.Seo Seung-jae and Kang Min-hyuk (world No. 6) defeated world No. 1 Liang Weikeng and Wang Chang (China) 2-0 (21-17 22-20) in the final of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Tour Final held in Hangzhou, China on the 17th. broke it.While the first and second sets were fiercely contested, Seo Seung-jae and Kang Min-hyuk’s late-night spirit stood out.In the first set, 17-17, they scored four consecutive points to reach the 21-point mark, and in the second set, 16-13, they allowed a 16-20 comeback and came from behind to win after a deuce.With this, Seo Seung-jae and Kang Min-hyuk won their fourth trophy this year, following the Malaysia Masters, Australian Open, and World Individual Championships, and the prize money of $210,000.In particular, Seo Seung-jae, who was selected as ‘BWF Male Athlete of the Year’, finished the year perfectly.

On the other hand, the world’s second-ranked women’s doubles, Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport) and Baek Ha-na (MG Saemaeul Geumgo), lost 0-2 (16-21 16-21) to the world’s first-ranked Chen Qingchen and Jaifan (China) and finished as runners-up.Sohee Lee and Hana Baek defeated Chen Qingchen and Zhaifan in the finals of the last Asian Games in Hangzhou and took the silver medal.The BWF World Tour Final is a competition that summarizes a season of international badminton competitions, and only the top 8 players (teams) in each event will participate to determine the strongest player.The eight players in each event are divided into two groups of four each and compete in the group stage. Only two players from each group advance to the semifinals.The total prize money is $2.5 million, the largest prize money among this year’s 온라인카지노 BWF World Tour competitions.

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